In the continuing yellow-West protests against the government of President Emmanuel Macron has come in southern France killed one person. One of the protesters blocked traffic circle in the heart of Perpignan, a car was a car with a load collided with the authorities. A 36-year-old motorist had died. Thus, the number of fatalities rose in the case since mid-November, continuing protests on the ten.

Also in Paris, it came again to protest. Here, protesters in yellow vests gathered on the steps of the Sacre Coeur Basilica. In addition, the yellow West, have planned a protest March in nearby Versailles. The Palace of Versailles – a Symbol of the French state power – remained, therefore, at this closed Saturday.

protests in France, Yellow jackets, empty coffers

The sometimes violent protests of the yellow West, had France been shaken in the past few weeks. Inflamed had increases in the protests of the eco-tax plans and the associated price of petrol. They grew quickly to mass demonstrations against Macrons economic policy. It also came to violent riots, mainly in Paris. Macron turned as a result. Among other things, he tipped the Eco-tax and increased the minimum wage.

The protests had died down after a bit. Macrons concessions tear, however, is a billion-dollar hole in the state Treasury. France is expected to shoot so well in the next year, the EU deficit limit of three percent of economic output.


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