In France have once again demonstrated tens of thousands of “yellow West” against the policies of President Emmanuel Macron. Country wide, around 69,000 people took to the streets, such as the Ministry of the interior announced on the evening. In Paris, around 4,000 of the “yellow West demonstrated”. There, on the Place de la Bastille, clashes between police and protesters. According to the Prefecture, 22 people were arrested.

the movement of The “yellow West” was called the eleventh Saturday in a row, demonstrations against the reform course Macrons. In comparison to the previous Saturday, the participants declined slightly. Last weekend, the country had involved far as 84,000 people, in Paris it had been 7000.

In the discussions at the Paris Bastille square police use tear gas and water cannons to protesters push back, the projectiles they threw at the police. Jérôme Rodrigues, one of the mouthpieces of the “yellow West”, was seriously injured on the eye.

“Red scarves”

clashes were also in the “yellow West”-strongholds of Toulouse and Bordeaux in southwest France, as well as in the South, Montpellier, and Avignon, and also in several Western cities of France. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner condemned the violence by “with yellow vests-clad rioters”.

for the First time, activists at the Bastille, had called square, in addition to a “yellow night”. Model of the social movement “Nuit debout”, the reform of the previous socialist government protested in 2016 against the labour law. The Assembly has been completed according to the AFP news Agency.

On Sunday, will for the first time, a counter-movement to the “yellow West” on the road: A group called “Red scarves” (foulards rouges) called for the early afternoon to March on the Bastille square. Under the Motto “Stop now, had enough,” wants you to demonstrate against the violence in the for more than two months of “yellow West”protests.

the Initiator of The “Red scarves”, Laurent Soulié, close to the party of The Republic movement (La République en Marche) President Emmanuel Macron. The 51-Year-old and his comrades-in-arms advertise for a “peaceful and respectful France” without “hate”.


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