France’s government has suspended the planned increase in the environmental tax on petrol and Diesel for all of next year. This Minister of the environment, François de Rugy, announced the TV channel BFM TV and confirmed reports so that appropriate media. Thus, the government responded to for weeks-lasting, partly violent protests of the so-called yellow the West.

head of government of Édouard Philippe, the turning in of the government with four death justified cases, during the protests and massive riots in the capital city of Paris on the weekend, which is also good 260 people were injured. Philippe said in the Parliament, the tax was removed from the budget for 2019 and the government is ready to dialogue. The budget can be adjusted in the course of the year, or renegotiated.

High fuel prices and an increase in the fuel tax is a trigger for the protests, which have shaken the country since mid-November. The government was already delivered on Tuesday to the protesters and announced that actually, for the new year, planned tax increases, to move to six months and to keep the state – regulated electricity and gas prices over the Winter stable. A Meeting between delegates of the yellow West, and government representatives has so far taken place.

“I think it comes much too late.”

Jacline Mouraud, is a self-appointed spokeswoman for the protesters, told the AP news Agency: “I think it comes much too late.” Each of the various protest groups will decide what she’ll do next, but many would probably protest. Macrons step was “the right way”. “But, in my opinion, he’s not going to fundamentally change the movement,” said Mouraud. She called on the protesters, the weakness of the government to take advantage of, and other claims.

The yellow vests also require an increase in pensions and the minimum wage. In addition, the call for a resignation of President Emmanuel Macron is in the protests increasing. In France, the crisis is regarded as the hardest of his one and a half years in office. According to the yellow West now students and farmers want to go in France on the road. This is the farmer Union FDSEA, as well as student representatives announced.

On Saturday, the yellow want to demonstrate West – to, among others, Macrons official residence, the Elysée Palace and the Champs-Elysées. The government wants to mobilize all over the country more than 65,000 security forces to prevent riots over the weekend.

“Some of it is just a destination: the Republic attack”

Macron appealed on Wednesday to trade unions, employers and political parties, and all protesters to call for calm. “Some of it is just a destination: the Republic to attack”, – quoted a government spokesman Macron. The Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe urged moderation. “The safety of the French people and of our institutions is at stake,” he said in Parliament. He called on all actors to behave responsibly.

Considerations for the re-introduction of the wealth tax, Macron issued, meanwhile, is a rejection. He said in the Cabinet meeting, the so far of his government’s projects implemented undo. The Secretary of state for equality, Marlène Schiappa, had previously suggested to reconsider the current regulation. The far-reaching abolition of the wealth tax to the beginning of the year had introduced Macron the reputation of “President of the Rich”.

in the face of protests by the conservative opposition party, Les Républicains, a state of emergency called to proclaim, to allow curfews. According to the survey by Ifop-Fiducial, a slim majority of 53 percent of the French supported such a step, while the government excludes him.

Originally Macron with the tax want to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in France, so the climate change. His overhead kick is a setback for climate protection and could be viewed by other leaders, who are planning similar measures, as a warning.

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