In the French Alps has survived a twelve-year-old Boy, an avalanche, although he was buried for 40 minutes under the snow masses. Rescue workers found the boy conscious, informed the competent French mountain rescue. Apparently the Boy off the marked piste Ski was driven.

The rescue of the boy was “a miracle, because he had no Avalanche,” said the head of the Savoyard mountain rescuers. “The chances of Survival after 15 minutes under the snow to a minimum.” The Young have had a lot of luck.

The avalanche had the twelve-year-old swept away, shortly after he had left with his parents, there is a marked runway. A search dog found the place where he was buried under the snow. According to the figures of the Boy with a broken leg, and a great terror came. He was admitted to a hospital in Grenoble.

The day before, was a 33-year-old native of Bavaria, in the Austrian Alps at a snowboarding tour around the life, because they had triggered an avalanche. The woman was rescued after about 35 minutes under the snow, only dead. In the field cases, prevailed after heavy Snow considerable avalanche danger.


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