In the case of protests, thousands of supporters of the yellow West-movement in Paris, to unexpectedly fierce clashes with the police come. After initially peaceful protests, protesters continued to barricade reports on fire and threw objects at police. According to police, about nearly 4000 yellow vests were passed in the French capital on the streets.

A restaurant boat on the Seine was set on fire and a policeman suffered injuries when a Bicycle was thrown at him. The police used tear gas to prevent hundreds of demonstrators from reaching across a bridge of the river is the national Assembly.


After these clashes, the protesters continued their March from the town hall of Paris to the Parliament. In the case of a half-hour rally, they shouted slogans against the government of President Emmanuel Macron, as well as against the media coverage of the protest movement.

About 50,000 participants in rallies in France

Also in other cities of France, the yellow vests took to the streets. More protesters were again as in the previous week involved. About 50,000 people had taken part across the country to the rallies, Minister for the interior said Christophe Castaner television channel LCI. Last Saturday, a 32,000-yellow vests had gone out on the street.

In Nantes and Rouen demonstrated according to police sources, each of about 2000 people. Participants and security forces fought clashes, a total of at least two people were injured. In Montpellier, four police officers by stone – and bottle casts were injured.

In Bordeaux, involved 4600 and in Toulouse in 2000 people in the protests. In Bordeaux, were injured in riots in the evening five policemen and eleven demonstrators arrested. Thousands of yellow West blocked also the A7 motorway in Lyon.

President Macron turned in a Tweet to the protesters and called on them to refrain from violence. You vulnerable otherwise, the “civil peace”. The protesters are called “to seek dialogue and debate”.

Also Minister of the interior, Castaner exhorted the protesters via Twitter to the rest. Each of them had a “responsibility” and must respect “the law,” he wrote. There is a “unwavering support” from the government for the forces of law and order.

concessions to the protesters not

The yellow West-motion to the government of head of state, Macron in November. In its country-wide rallies demonstrating against tax and price increases and improved purchasing power.

Originally, had directed the movement against high fuel prices and the planned Eco-tax on Diesel. Later, a General discontent with the policy of the government to interfere in the Protest. (Read here, who is behind the movement.)

Their billions in concessions, the provision of more money for minimum wage earners and relief for pensioners, the protesters are insufficient. Many are calling for further tax cuts, referenda after the Swiss model, as well as the resignation of Macrons.

In the case of the protests there were several times on the Champs-Elysées – violent clashes with the police. 17. November – at the height of the protests, those involved in country wide well of 282,000 people at the rallies.


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