The French Yellow jackets are gone on Saturday to Protest against the policies of President Emmanuel Macron on the road again. Especially in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux on Saturday, there was protests, such as the station France Info reported. Also road were built locks accordingly. In some places there were clashes with the police. The participation in the protests was initially, however, low. Police estimates suggest that the number of participants decreased.

It was the seventh weekend in a row, to any political party or trade Union following citizens against tax increases and high cost of living demonstrate. The previous concessions of the government are not enough.

According to France Info in Paris, in the vicinity of the Studios of broadcaster BFMTV clashes with the forces. There are several Hundred yellow West protested against the alleged false information would spread to the station.

In January more inlet

expected to be demonstrated in the capital until the evening according to the police Prefecture of 800 people, dozens of people were arrested.

once Again, around a hundred people gathered in Strasbourg, the regional media, on the Europa bridge, which leads to Germany. In Marseille, the French news Agency went to AFP, about 900 people on the street, in Bordeaux 2400.

The number of protesters had declined in the past few weeks – the weekend before Christmas, only 39,000 people of the country had demonstrated. According to observers, to be but especially at the holidays – in January, the movement could gain significantly in popularity.

protests on new year’s eve on the Champs-Elysées announced

The government had brought in December, a multi-billion dollar social package on the way to defuse the conflict. Since the middle of November, the yellow protest by the West against the reform policy of the government. In the capital, Paris, there was repeated violence.

On new year’s eve to demonstrate the Yellow jackets again on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. The capital holds, in spite of this announcement and the violence at previous demonstrations at their traditional Festival with fireworks on the magnificent mile.


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