Long waiting queues at Frankfurt airport have made it difficult for many travelers to the Start of the Christmas holidays. The Saturday had been acting in the Winter, “absolute peak day” with nearly 200,000 passport, said a spokesman from airport operator Fraport. Usual of 150,000 to 180,000 travelers per day are currently. On Saturday morning we have concentrated on the security controls, the spokesman said. The operation on Sunday of delivery, therefore, but again.

Previously, had complained of the Lufthansa long waiting times of up to 90 minutes at checkpoints. Therefore, several thousand passengers had missed their flights. “Although you were early, arrived at the Frankfurt airport, did not reach 3000 passengers to their flights on time,” said Lufthansa.

Because the passengers were not on time to the plane and their Luggage had to be loaded again, took off, according to the airline 88 of your machines to be late. The resulting delays would have summed up to 16 hours.

“On the fourth weekend of advent once again become a major quality problems in the Frankfurt airport,” said Lufthansa Manager Detlef Kayser. The System of security controls to be overloaded at peak times, “obviously”. The Problem had to be solved in the coming year, “urgent”.

Situation has to be analyzed

The responsible for checking the Federal police will analyze a spokesman reported that together with its three security providers, and how it could come to the Situation on Saturday. It is known that the service providers have a lack of staff and also the infrastructure for a large passenger volume to your limits of trust. It had been partially occupied by all control stations, said the Federal police spokesman.

The Frankfurt airport is the Airport with the highest passenger volume in Germany. On the website, passengers were called on Sunday, at least three hours before departure at the Terminal to arrive because it was “a very busy day”. Hand baggage should be abandoned, in order to shorten the waiting time at checkpoints.

Already in the summer, there had been congestion at the control points. The Fraport spokesman reported that discussions with all the Stakeholders to remedy the situation to run for months. In order to speed up the process, established the Federal police at the end of November, new control stations. The results of the test run should be available at the beginning of the year.


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