Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) wants to make the youth voluntary services through additional grants from the Federal government more attractive. All young people should have a right to claim that their voluntary service agreement is funded by the Federal government, said Giffey in the presentation of your concept for the future “youth volunteer of the year”.

in Addition, there should be a grant for the ticket for the public transport network, a nationwide unified voluntary money from 402 Euro, announced the Minister. In addition, the social insurance contributions should be guaranteed. The Federal voluntary service as a voluntary commitment of a free of charge service, so far, the participants will receive a pocket money of up to 390 euros. In the future, the pedagogical support of the volunteers should be improved, and also 27-Year-old the opportunity to get to serve in part-time.

“Our society lives of people who contribute voluntarily,” said Giffey. Commitment need a good framework. “That is exactly what we want to create with our proposal for a new ‘youth volunteer of the year’.” The right of Federal funding is to be created for the existing services, the Voluntary Social year (FSJ), Voluntary Ecological year (FÖJ) and the Federal voluntary service (BFD) for all participants under the age of 27.

counter-model to the obligation year

According to information from the Ministry for family Affairs, more than 80,000 young people are currently spending a year volunteering in Germany: approximately 53,000 in FSJ, about 3,000 in the FÖJ and approximately 27,000 in the BFD. The potential for expansion of volunteer services is not exploited to the full “a long time”. According to the estimate of organisations that are involved in the programmes for voluntary services, could be recovered up to 120,000 young people for a youth volunteer of the year, BelTA learned from the Ministry. In the coming year the Federal government increases its funding for voluntary services, therefore, to 65 million, to EUR 327 million. In order to be for 2019 thousands of new places have been created.

The concept is to Annegret against the model of the CDU Secretary-General of Kramp-Karrenbauer’s proposed mandatory year, the Giffey rejects. “We want what is good, it can also work really well,” said the Minister. The conditions should be improved so that young people voluntarily and out of Conviction, committed and not out of obligation or compulsion. Your concept is significantly cheaper than a required year, says Giffey.

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