This mesh in turn to gangs are often Criminal groups, immigrants make up often, only to slip and dismiss them quickly, as the “image”newspaper reported about a particularly lucrative type of fraud. The “Terminated” then have the buttons be entitled to Hartz IV. The gangs you of a great deal of money.Other professional Hartz-IV-crooks bring in foreigners, often in devastated buildings. They charge extortionate rents, for which the Federal Agency for work (BA) comes up.Criminal Hartz IV rip-off reasons, for individual persons, small companies and fake invoices. The authority’s business activities on the pretext of employment. The “small entrepreneurs” to solve at some point, the company and the application for Hartz from IV., The money of the Pro-scammers then.In other cases, the networks, the foreigners bring along with Relatives shortly after Germany and give you fake work contracts, which were supposedly terminated already. Therefore, from the request smuggled Hartz IV, but quickly back in their home countries. The gangs have been raking in the monthly payments to the out traveled. According to the report, the Federal employment Agency (BA) provide the cheats for the performance of the receiver in the case of a summons arriving through the job centre again and just in time for the dates to appear.Also individual citizens to put the state on the cross

in addition to the band even fraud individuals, the state services, the bodies to appear also try. According to a report in the “Rheinische Post” you should proceed according to certain Patterns.


fellow allegedly just In a city in the Ruhr area, a woman claimed that her life is a roommate sleep on the Couch is companion just. The labor Agency checked and found out: The man lived permanently in the apartment and had no room of their own.

Performance person receiving this benefit was long back in their home country

The AG is a Hartz-IV invited-recipient from Northern Africa several times by phone to an interview. With each call, her husband answered the phone and claimed that his wife was in the German course. In the case of an audit, it turned out The woman lived long ago in North Africa, and her husband cashed the money.

unemployed children as a sub-tenant

In many cases, the AG takes over the housing costs of Hartz IV recipients. The advantage of parents who choose to provide their unemployed children as a sub – tenant of the authority then pays the rent.

Offices will cheat each other out of

A particularly drastic mesh under the authorities involved, describes also “RP Online”: Some social offices in North Rhine-Westphalia declared Hartz-IV-recipients on a regular basis for work, if expensive medical treatments. These costs will have to pay the AG.

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In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Every tenth Hartz-IV-recipients of basic security mbe Federal employment Agency (BA) since 2005, the Hartz-IV-recipients of Hartz-IV-gang

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