New targets after the successful state election in Bavaria: Free-voters-Chef Hubert Aiwanger wants to establish his party is now also at the Federal level. “We want to be next to Bavaria, of course, also in other Federal States and the Bundestag,” he told the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “The potential to enter the Bundestag, we have in any case.”

Should fail in the Grand coalition in Berlin, in advance, could his party, the Five-percent hurdle to overcome, showed Aiwanger optimistic. “If we fight, would have plenty of time for a good choice of us could wear the in the Bundestag.” At the last Bundestag election in September 2017, the Free voters were, as in 2013, to 1.0 percent.

First, however, it should be the goal on Sunday also in the state of Hesse in the state legislature to collect said Aiwanger: “We are committed to all of the voters who are dissatisfied with the established parties and recognize that the AfD, as a radical party no Alternative and certainly no coalition Alternative.”

However, the Free voters play in surveys of Hesse-choice has hardly a role. The Free voters were landed in the state election in Bavaria, with 11.6 percent, behind CSU and the Greens in third place. They increased by 2.6 percentage points.

last Friday, the party’s coalition negotiations with the CSU by the Prime Minister, Markus Söder began. To the formation of the government with the CSU Aiwanger has little doubt: “Only if the CSU would be massively unfair, could burst the formation of the government,” said the party leader.

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