for Years, they had fought in vain for the free operator your goal a step closer: in the Future, the use of the in Unite-organized initiatives should be considered as a non-profit, if they provide citizens with a free access to the Internet.

The Cabinet approved on Wednesday a draft law of the Federal Council, the classify the clubs according to, and the tax is supposed to benefit. The Amendments to the tax code is not. First, the Bundestag has to vote on it. However, the chances are good that the structure of the public Free Wi-Fi access points in the future as a commitment to the common good.

“We are very pleased, this is a good Signal,” says Philip Bernd Roth from the Freifunk Rheinland of the MIRROR. The Association’s Board enhances the step primarily as a recognition and appreciation. “It was difficult, it will take, but many people from administration and politics have helped,” says Bernd Roth.

free radio operators have been of 45,000 access points

free a radio operator builds a set that special Router to connect to in-range with each other, and as a public, decentralized Wi-Fi on the roadside that can be used by all citizens for free. The data is pay directed through the private connections of volunteers to the network, the bandwidth is limited, therefore, and not with powerful approaches is comparable, to the customer’s home. And you will be sent through a so-called VPN Tunnel and remain protected from view from the outside.

More than 45,000 points of access to free Wi-Fi, free radio operators set up so far in the whole of Germany. It is the Clubs and volunteers especially, there is the Internet, where people can not afford the access – such as in the Refugee shelters or homeless shelters. “We provide Internet where there are no business interests,” says Bernd Roth.

Failed due to the Grand coalition

Actually, I was hoping much earlier to the fact that free radio is recognized in Germany as a charity. However, in recent years, the initiatives of the Grand coalition had failed. Already in the summer of 2017, the country had proposed to the Cabinet an Amendment to the act to the tax code.

Konstantin von Notz, Deputy group Chairman of the Greens, had driven as a network policy spokesman of the Initiative. Von Notz told the MIRROR: “Although there have been in the last parliamentary term, a very clear invitation of the Federal Council to the Federal government, has deported the last of the Great coalition, the recognition of the public good.” That the recognition is coming now, have welcomed the Greens, specifically the “was long overdue”.

The Union may have change requests

The SPD has fault and power to the coalition partner for the burst vote is responsible. A spokeswoman for the parliamentary group, the SPD’s call for many years, the recognition of the charitable status of the free radio. “It is true that the Union group in the summer of 2017, has so blocked immediately before the end of the legislative session, a consultation, in the committees of the German Bundestag.” Therefore, the law had not been adopted at that time. Keeping to the coalition agreement, and expressly in favour of “free radio and similar initiatives as a charity to acknowledge”.

The CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag did not want to comment on the Cabinet decision. It is possible that the parties to introduce an Amendment.

Tax benefits

From a non-profit, all would benefit Free software. The clubs would be tax-deductable, and donors may deduct contributions to you tax-free. The clubs will no longer have to prove to the tax office for each case that you enter for the common good. According to Philip, Bernd Roth, the high time will be: “We, as firefighters, something for the community.”

For free radio operator would be cleared with the recognition of the profit is the next hurdle out of the way. Already in the summer of 2017, there was good news for the clubs. At that time, the government abolished the so-called fault liability, the operator was able to make open Wi-Fi node for illegal Downloads responsible if a user needs access miss.

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