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a Good two weeks there were until Christmas, because the police officers were inputs in the apartment. “Where are you taking my husband?” all you hear is a woman who takes in the scene with the cell phone. Her husband is taken away so as to dozens of other people in Chengdu, that 9. December. According to reports, nearly a hundred people from the two-day police action were affected. Six are still missing, according to Human Rights Watch, until now.

To the attention of the authorities they were, since they should belong to the underground Church of the “Early Rain”, which according to the BBC, a total of about 800 followers. The Pastor Wang Yi and his wife were arrested. He is “inciting Subversion of state power”, accused of 15 years ‘ imprisonment can be imposed for a maximum of. His wife is under observation, the 11-year-old son to live temporarily with the grandmother. The days he will spend most likely without his parents.

A member of the Church, Li Yingqiang, posted shortly before the police action is a Video on the net. “We take 200, 300, or 500 arrests of our people, so the whole world sees what we suffer for our Faith ready to,” he says. In the social networks pictures of yellow and blue, discolored, swollen knees and feet; the Church members are circulating claim that the police officers had inflicted the injuries. A woman reported that she had been tied to a chair and 24 hours without food and Drink remained.

degree of repression is different

according to estimates, 100 million Christians live in China – you would be one of the largest Christian communities in the world. But for years, the Communist party (KP) against believers, the so-called underground churches belong, who are not registered by the state. The degree of repression is different from Region to Region; some of the believers meet in private homes, in other municipalities they may operate in public schools, such as the “Early Rain”. Officially, the KP-respecting if she is an atheist designed, the freedom of religion.

The arrest of the Pastor to show now, however, a new Dimension, with the help of the Chinese government to respect the freedom of religion abused, says Yaqiu Wang of Human Rights Watch in Hong Kong. Worse was the Situation for Christians, especially by a law which was came into force in February. Therefore, unauthorized “religious teaching is forbidden”, the believers should hold Meetings with foreign religion followers.

“Xi it is not primarily about Religion,” says Wang, “but to bring the civil society is increasingly under control”. Communities are also affected by other faith: In the Xinjiang Region, the government with massive security measures against the Muslim population, the Uighurs there. Almost a Million people are locked up in Camps (read more).

The Christians in the country, Beijing offers officially “guidance”, so that the faithful “might find their way in the socialist society”. A “Chinese orientation” of the religion, followers of a condition to the Faith unmolested to pursue. Christians should join the churches that have committed to the party line, and of priests to be guided, lifts the party to the Post.

Otherwise, it comes to images such as those from Linfen in Shanxi province. There was demolished in January a large, unregistered Church, said the American organization China Aid. The state-run newspaper Global Times wrote on the grounds that the building had been constructed illegally and had been ripped so low. In September the state closed temporarily, the Zion Church, one of the largest underground churches in the country.

demolition work is in Linfen (recording of the organization China Aid)

In Langfang, in the Region of Hebei, the residents have to do without this year on the Christmas decoration in streets, Parks and shops, reports the New York Times. In an official Letter, it States that controls should ensure that there is in public places not a display of Religion. “If you find something that will make you a accurate picture of, and report to a supervisor.” Employees would, on 23, 24. and 25. December patrol in the streets and in the shopping center, so there is no Christmas decoration would be appropriate.

it’ll come, especially in the run-up to Christmas to take stricter measures against opponents of the regime, have been “Tradition” in China, said Wang of Human Rights Watch. Thus, the events get less attention.

Combined : During a police operation in Chengdu have been set at the beginning of December, nearly a hundred people believed to belong to a so-called underground Church. The Pastor is in custody, him with a long prison penalty. Yaqiu Wang, “Human Rights Watch calls” a new Dimension of repression against Christians in the people’s Republic.

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