In dozens of German cities to demonstrate this morning, students for climate protection. Under the Motto #Friday forfuture children and young people gathered nationwide to make a stand against greenhouse gas emissions and the removal of coal, Oil, and Gas.

On the website of the organizers, more than 50 German cities, this Friday, demonstrations were planned, as well as in Geneva, Zurich, Basel and other Swiss cities.

On Thursday, several Thousand students were in the Belgian capital of Brussels for the climate protection on the road. They called for a climate plan with the goal of limiting global warming to less than 1.5 degrees above the pre-industrial time.

of 12,500 children and young people took part, according to the news Agency Belga. The Demo was organized by the organization Youth Climate Movement, and was the second edition of the March in Brussels. The first Time, 3000 students had participated.

In the past few weeks, there had been large student marches in other countries, for example, at the end of November in Australia. You go back to the Swedish student, Greta Thunberg, in the shop for months, on Fridays the school, to fight for the protection of the climate. After it has been signed by more and more young people. Before Christmas, there were, among other things,

in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Aachen, Karlsruhe and Osnabrück protest actions in front of the city halls.

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Also, for the coming Friday protests are planned. Then the coal Commission meets in Berlin to talk about the phase-out of coal production. The organizers of #Friday forfuture have called a strike in front of the Federal Ministry of Economics, to demand the quickest possible exit strategy from Coal. From many cities Busanreisen had planned, it said.


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