Migration Pact – Friedrich Merz Ex individual right to asylum in question-CDU parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz has called into question whether the German right to asylum is to exist in current Form. It was a common European refugee policy. © Photo: picture alliance / AP Photo/ Michael Sohn

Friedrich Merz, a few weeks ago his candidacy for the CDU party chairmanship announced that it has experienced a surprisingly soft flushed candidates. The new Merz seemed to have little to do with the neo-liberal, German leading culture dreams the warhorse, who had been in the memory. Well, it’s Merz gave conditions’ unfortunate dealings with its own assets. But beyond that, he made for the topic of Ecology is strong and was very favourably on the Green. Also of tough economic liberal reform ideas – such as the abolition of the minimum wage – was nothing to listen to.

On Wednesday evening, however, Merz has set up a claim that he was announcing a broad social consensus. You need to talk about whether or not the individual right to asylum in the German Constitution, could remain unchanged if a European refugee – and immigration policy is seriously wanted, he said during one of the regional conferences, in which the three CDU-candidate for the party presidency of the country.

Katharina Schuler

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Merz has Thus questioning one of the Central achievements of the German basic law. An individual right to asylum in the German Constitution, was one of the main Lessons drawn after the Second world war, from the horrors and crimes of national socialism. How many thousands of people who were persecuted because of their ethnic and religious affiliation, because of their political attitude or their sexual orientation, would be able to survive if they had timely found a country that would have taken? In her speech in the Bundestag, Angela Merkel said yesterday the question of what have we learned from the past. If you want to loop the fundamental right to asylum, gives the impression that it is not for him anyway, especially with the success of learning.

consensus of Söder to Kipping

Frightening is that Merz in order for a debate to open, which was self – initiated in the months with very high levels of immigration – that is, between the autumn of 2015 and spring of 2016-of, none of the then parties represented in the Bundestag. From CSU to the left party was considered at the time: The fundamental right to asylum will not be attacked – with all the concrete Changes in dealing with refugees. Even a Markus Söder and Katja were some Kipping. Even Sahra wagenknecht, who is representing known to be a more migration-sceptic Position, this broke a taboo never.

In addition, Merz must ask themselves, what he wants to achieve with its Intervention at all. Because the German right has long been overlaid by European law. And in the whole of Europe – not only in Germany, the following applies: Each asylum application must be examined. Although refugees according to the Dublin regulations your application where you have to enter the EU first. You Hiking, but you still continue – as happened in 2015, in large numbers, every EU country under EU law, to consider every asylum application made on or within its borders, at least, what state is the method actually responsible.

That and the fact that in the foreign States of the EU at that time conditions existed, the repatriation is often impossible, are the reasons why in 2015 so many refugees came to Germany and stayed. With the German basic law that has to do nothing at first. Only 1.3 percent of all asylum decisions was recently granted protection on the basis of the German basic law. The far greater part of the refugees is recognised in accordance with the European law and the Geneva Convention on refugees. International treaties, therefore, would be more valid, even if there is no fundamental right to asylum in the German Constitution.

The right of asylum must not interfere with

the Who need to use to solve the problems in connection with asylum and refugees, so that the European cooperation works better. And he has to reach with the laborious negotiations with the countries of origin – that those who get no asylum in Europe, leaving the continent again. Here it is at the Moment, in fact, a large implementation deficits. But the German asylum law, which is really a big achievement that the country can be proud of, you must probe for no one.

the real meaning of Merz’s Remarks, there Should be, however, to make his promise, as party Chairman to reduce the AfD on the half that is true, then a glance to Bavaria to help him, perhaps: The AfD has afterwards turns out to run as a less successful strategy. A party Chairman Merz, of the German basic right to asylum in question, would be at risk of to shrink at the end, not the AfD, but his own party.

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