“I have the fundamental right to asylum, of course, not in question, because we make policy from a Christian responsibility, and against the Background of German history,” said Friedrich Merz, on Thursday. He added to his Remarks about the fundamental right to asylum in Germany. “For me, however, is that we can solve the issues of immigration, Migration and asylum in a European context.”

The CDU chairmanship candidate hardly know someone, the doubt that seriously. “Given a recognition rate of asylum applications from well under ten percent, it is necessary that we deal with the question of how the fundamental right to asylum and a European approach to a solution working together,” added Merz. “This debate must be led, in my opinion, in all the calmness and objectivity of the CDU.”

Merz had previously said the CDU regional conference in Seebach in Thuringia, Germany: “Germany is the only country in the world that has an individual right to asylum in its Constitution.” He had been for “a long time of the opinion that we should be ready to talk about this asylum is a fundamental right in the open, whether it can exist in this Form, if we seriously want a European immigration and refugee policy”.

the candidate for the CDU presidency triggered a fierce debate. He was accused of the enshrined in the basic law fundamental right to asylum in question.

migration Pact – Friedrich Merz establishes an individual right to asylum in question Ex-CDU parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz has called into question whether the German right to asylum is to exist in current Form. It was a common European refugee policy. © Photo: picture alliance / AP Photo/ Michael Sohn Spahn wants to debate on migration Pact

The competitor to the CDU-Chairman, Jens Spahn, has warned against the instrumentalisation of the UN migration Pact (PDF) by Left and right. In an Interview with the magazine Focus Spahn defended his claim that the CDU party Congress should employ in the beginning of December. “I am very much in favour of international guidelines for the Migration. But we need to explain it better. And we need to proactively prevent the right and Left exploit this Pact. The a by they stir up prejudice, and rush. The other, by taking advantage of this Pact in the future, your ideology of the world’s open borders.”

The CDU had the right and duty to discuss a topic, the members and citizens are employed, said Spahn the Focus. “Nothing would be worse than the impression that the CDU would not dare to debate on its party Congress on migration issues.” The allegation to the issue of profiling, rejected Spahn.

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