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The judgment of his colleagues in the group felled about Friedrich Merz, was hard, some devastating. After the departure of the head of the Union group, a powerful country named group chief Merz’ “tendency to dogmatism and stubbornness” as a Central “political weakness”. He reported “pronounced vanity and a tendency (…) to self-representation” and of Merz’ inability to retain good people.

Merz has lost the group’s presidency of the Union in 2002, after only 31 months, he had upset many members. While today, the majority of CDU supporters to a brilliant rhetorician and a brilliant analyst, remember, there were many in the group 16 years ago, dissatisfied with the boss. Even former promoter from languages to him at the time, the basic political skills.

Read the in an as-yet-unknown scientific work, which was written in 2005, and TIME ONLINE. It deals with the Phase between February 2000 and September 2002, in Merz, the parliamentary group of the Union’s Executive Board. The author of the study, carried out numerous interviews with former and still active today, the leaders of the Union. They were conducted confidentially, therefore, the politicians are not mentioned here by name. The transcripts of these Interviews are available ONLINE.

“a pack of alpha animals”

The time, in Merz, the group Chairman, took over, in principle, difficult for the Union. The party had lost in 1998 after 16 years, the government of Helmut Kohl Power in the Federal government. On top of that, the CDU has been shaken by a donations scandal that forced Kohl’s successor as party chief, Wolfgang Schäuble, in February 2000 to withdraw. This massive loss of Reputation of the old leadership has created in the CDU, there is a need for fresh, uncontaminated personnel. The Union of two in his forties, chose to the top of the party and the group, the General Public, until then hardly known: Friedrich Merz and Angela Merkel.

The group was equipped with dozens of former Federal Ministers and secretaries of state. This made it the newcomer Merz difficult to enforce. He experienced how it formulated his former office Manager Michael Eilfort, 2002 in an essay that pronounced “the potential for Frustration of the opposition factions”. The Union members, the Eilfort compared with a “pack of alpha animals”, it tended to be as a result of the power loss to “Resignation and self-cherishing”. Merz was constantly faced with indiscretions and nagging.

Everywhere there were soon Merz pendant

To the outside, he enjoyed, of course, the back cover: Many in his group hooted and applauded when he took up the arguments of the gentlemen Schröder, Eichel or Trittin art fully apart. Merz dispute was funny and wasn’t afraid to get dents in the political melee. One of the sought in the Parliament and in the Public exchange of blows with the red-and-green Ministers, lacked the Union, otherwise, in this Phase of disorientation.

Merz introduced the concept of cultural identity in the political discourse. He invented the tax return on a beer Mat. The Young Union, worshipped him. The economic wing of the conservative press, the Boulevard – everywhere there was soon Merz-trailer. Such a politician, is a common Interpretation in the Union, until today, had not the party since then.

He had been at this time “with Joschka Fischer, the best political speakers in Germany”, said at the time, also a top politician in conversation with the author of the study. Other party officials highlighted for his “razor-sharp mind” and the “high eloquence” as the most important political Strengths. Virtues that are not commonplace, certainly not in the Union, this so-pragmatic party of Power.

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