Friedrich Merz, has not tried like, at a flat rate. He was even as a grasshopper, as a right-wing Hardliner or as a would-be-known rocker from the Sauerland region. All that he has rejected and a more differentiated view asked. Completely to the right. It is rare to defame someone in a stereotype.

Now Merz has resorted to the biggest and hardest lump-sum judgment that there is in the German policy. The man who would be in December, CDU Chairman, described the AfD as the “openly national socialist.” He reasoned that this is why the CDU would also be under him for the foreseeable future, not with the AfD to work together.

That Merz is set apart from the AfD, is correct. The means he chooses to do so, is wrong. Yes, the AfD is nationalist and right-wing populist. Many of its members are noticed by racist or anti-democratic Statements. You should and must criticize the AfD for it, and again and again and also like with sharp words. You equate but, in a radio interview with the Nazi party, is wrong and dangerous.

If it is, should anyone have forgotten: The Nazi party as a state party to the so-called third Reich for the worst crimes of the Germans, no, of humanity. From the beginning, she is preparing for the sake of the argument the floor. Your 25-points program of 1920 is more radical than anything published by the AfD in the past. The AfD would be really “open national socialist”, then you would be banned a long time ago.

A completely different style than the Merkel

The equating is exaggerated, therefore, in terms of content and competencies. But she is also symbolically wrong. A worse defamation than this there is not in the German discourse. You can no longer increase. You can hardly be later modified. You do not need to like the AfD, with your assent: This statement of Merz is a “monstrous derailment”.

reveals more about Merz as the AfD. It shows what could move for a political style with Merz of the CDU, and also in the Federal Republic of Germany. Angela Merkel had used a comparison never. Merz is the type a lot more impulsive and in his judgment it more. With him at the top of the CDU would debate stronger and more confident, but also krawalliger and more vulnerable. His Fans appreciate about him is that he was not as quiet and smooth as the Chancellor. To him, you could RUB. He will offer guidance.

Maybe it’s Merz in this case, but not only orientation, but also of the tactics in their own right. That would make the Nazi comparison is still perfidious. It was striking, in this connection, also, how friendly Merz last the Green courted. The party was “very civil, very open, very liberal, and certainly also a partner capable of”.

“In the present Constitution”

Both, may be the praise of the Greens and the scathing criticism of the AfD, findings, Merz, in his years outside of the Federal tags for won. But it is also a positioning in the intra-party power struggle. Large parts of the Union fear that Merz could stand up for a right-wing, backward-looking policy. The candidate will indicate that these Worries are unfounded. He positioned himself in the middle.

How to be irreversible but this positioning is? Finally, Merz garnished his statement on the AfD, with an additional room for interpretation. The AfD come as a Partner for the CDU is not eligible, he says. At least not “in the present Constitution”.

That doesn’t sound at all to a clear edge. It could be that a future Chancellor Merz evaluated the “Constitution” of the AfD. Less of the NSDAP.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.