It was an unusual use for police officers: A nine-year-old Boy had called in Zetel, in the district of Friesland, on the first day of Christmas, the official. The reason: He was profoundly dissatisfied with the gifts he found under the Christmas tree.

The officials would have found a very disgruntled young, a police spokesman said on Wednesday. The police officers had gone instantly in search of clues and the gifts with the wish lists of the young compared to. In fact, both did not match. Ultimately, the officers were able to settle the family dispute on Tuesday, but still.

in fact, it often happens that children – or, increasingly, parents choose for trivial reasons, the 110. And this number is chosen once, there is no going Back: A car comes, may be the occasion, nor so banal.

In Hamburg, has recently called to be a mother to the police because her three year old child arguing with another child on a tricycle. The two children were apparently trapped in a daycare center in the district of Winterhude with each other, as several local media reported. You’ve scraped the screaming and each other.

There are even parents who request from Overwork a Patrol, for example, if the child does not want to go to bed.

In the new book “I must be on a class trip – my daughter may not sleep” is the MIRROR-ONLINE-editors Lena Greiner and Carola Padtberg pack midwives, educators, teachers, sports coaches, professors, lawyers, Doctors, study consultants, and children, what do you übermotivierten parents have experienced.

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helicopter parents and the police

dental cleaning under official supervision:

A seven-year-old has in Landshut, a police operation triggered. The girl that did not want to go to bed, and brought his mother to despair. It came to a violent quarrel between the two. The girl insulted the mother and pelted them with various objects. As the 28-Year-old no longer knew how to help, she alerted against 23 at the police. The officers were able to calm the tempers, and a police officer brought the girl to “a dental cleaning under official supervision” to bed.

baby destiny

“A 31-year-old father in the Bavarian town of Weiden, took care of his three children, twins at the age of five months and a two-year-old sibling. Against a clock at night, the children woke up and heard screaming. The mother, who had that evening outlet, could not reach the man. Since he knew of no other advice than to call the police for help. The official buildings of the desperate father, and gave some good advice, then she gave him back his baby destiny.”

I go with my officers

“Our lantern was always nice for the Little ones. But last year, the organization of the Festival acquisitions new parents. And these parents found it to be much great if you would sign up a small ‘light-Demo’, then on the street the traffic stop, and there, with lanterns, over, in front of and behind us a patrol car as an escort.

We are the educators, the parents took aside and asked you not to do this because the have a sense of 30 small children no. However, the atmosphere was immediately bitchy: The officials guaranteed, after all, for the safety of the children in the Park, could happen who-knows-what. The parents have to actually go through, but next year we are doing it is definitely different.”

dubious Displays:

“Three over-zealous mothers of our primary school have recently spotted a man with a cell phone: The man stood in a street in the vicinity of the school and looked at its Display. You suspected, if he had to take a photograph of your children. Therefore, you have photographed him and went to the police.”

Suspect winter clothes:

In the Hessian Offenbach police spokesman reported on several telephone messages to children about men who had stood with scarves over their faces in front of the school fences. It turned out that the dangerous creatures were fathers, waited in the winter cold to their children. The parents would have their kids so over-presensitized, if any Irritation call the police, that the Little at the sight of the men got with scarves immediately frightened: “you see dangers where there are none,” said the police spokesman.

Shady staff changes:

“The afternoon care had hired a new educator. It is his first work was a week, and the young man played with the children on the schoolyard football. As the parents picked up their children at 16, they could not associate his face. But instead of asking the other managers or the head of the school who he was, or the man might directly address, chose the 110. A squad car came and the officers searched the tutor before the eyes of the children.”

mothers in fear and Rage:

“After a night in the cinema, I waited for the train. With me, three women were in car with children on the platform. The women talked to belonged to a Boy of about five years, playing first on the fire extinguisher box and then to the platform edge. It balanced right on the edge, and as I heard the subway coming, I reached for the shoulder of the boy and pulled him from the edge. He screamed then, as on a spit, and immediately, the three women swore at me and prevented me from climbing in the car. A woman even called the police. She said the two officials, I would have grabbed the child immoral. One of the women announced a complaint against me.”

mothers in fear and Rage, part II:

“are Also the parents of adult children sometimes, so caring, that they must be guided by the police. A woman from Dortmund should take care of during the holiday of their then-26-year-old son actually just his cats and a Guinea pig. They came not only to Feed the animals, but moved in the same. The fit, however, the roommate is not. Because the mother was not voluntarily alerted the police.

In the case of the use of the police officers pulled the woman to their own information, contusions and bruising. For this, they demanded a Compensation of 1200 euros. The Oberlandesgericht Hamm dismissed the appeal and decided: student mothers, the stay in the apartment of her son, can, if necessary, be used by police officers out of the apartment thrown in. Roommate must call the police to your house right to enforce.”

This, of course, are not parents of the type of helicopter that is overprotective and ambitious, but parents who think that two out of tax-funded police officers had the correct address to which one could turn with his private education problems.

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I don’t need to sleep with on a school trip – my daughter otherwise!

New incredible stories about helicopter parents

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