The number of illegally coming to the EU migrants. According to forecasts by the EU border protection Agency Frontex, it was last updated in 2013, so a little illegal border crossings. By October it had been 118.900 cases, about a third as at the same date in the previous year. Thus, the Frontex ceilings-Numbers with the statistics from the International organization for Migration (IOM), which also provides a reduction in the number of migrants.

Frontex is reported, it is, above all, less people are coming through the Central Mediterranean sea route between Libya and Italy to Europe. In the course of the year, this number had declined to 81 percent, to 21,600. The reason for this is the strict Anti-immigration rates of the Italian government. Italy’s interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has search and rescue vessels with refugees on Board several times, and says, Italian ports.

Many of the migrants arrive instead in Spain. Almost 60 percent of the EU migrant groups were reported to be in October on the Western Mediterranean route. Between January and October this had been a total of 45,900 of people – more than twice as many as in the comparable period in 2017. Most of the people come from Morocco, Guinea and Mali.

On the Eastern Mediterranean route via Turkey, the number of illegal border crossings from January to October had increased in comparison to 2017, 37 percent on 47.100 – many cases would be registered at the land border to Turkey. The largest group are Refugees from Syria and Iraq.

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