German interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) believes that it could no longer increase take longer than planned, the EU border protection personnel. He does not think that a permanent Reserve of 10,000 border guards is necessary, the Minister said at an EU Meeting in Brussels. You will need to discuss how many Posts until the year 2020 is realistic. “We should promise nothing Utopian.”

The number of 10,000 forces of the EU border protection Agency Frontex was originally proposed by the EU Commission in September. They wanted to build up the Reserve by 2020. Internal calculations suggest that Germany would have to more than 1,200 of the border contactor and protector. The use of forces, better Surveillance of the EU external borders, and so the current checks on the internal borders are unnecessary.

Similar to Seehofer also the EU expressed counterpart. It is now clear that the proposal of the EU Commission’s “really lies outside the Dimension of the feasible,” said Austria’s Minister of the interior, Herbert Kickl (FPÖ). The EU should not overburden the member States, the need to make up a large part of the additional border guards ready.

EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos defended the proposal for the accelerated Expansion of Frontex. The 10,000 border guards by 2020 to be “realistic” and necessary, he said. Otherwise, the EU was not prepared in the event of a renewed refugee crisis.

armed to Frontex’s powers

The increased Surveillance of the external borders of the EU since 2015 priority. Frontex is to support the member States in the future. It currently has almost 700 of its own employees, in addition, about 1,300 of the member States seconded border guards are in use.

extend the time frame for the increase is also uncertain how the proposals can be implemented, the powers of Frontex. Countries such as Italy and Greece stated that they feared for their sovereignty on its own territory, if Frontex get more skills.

Background of your objections could also be that these States register incoming migrants, not necessarily continuously, but also in other countries. According to current EU law, a refugee must apply in the country of asylum, in which he enters for the first time, EU-soil.

could the Minister of the interior, on an enhanced support role of Frontex in return operations. In addition, the authority should have the opportunity to send officers in third countries that are not immediate neighbours in the EU, such as in Africa. The decisions that Europe must agree to Parliament.

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