Japan wants to escape from the frustrations of the existing Moratorium on whaling, allegedly from the International whaling Commission (IWC). Such a decision would give the government until the end of the year, reported the Japanese news Agency Kyodo on Thursday, citing not called circles. A spokesman for the fisheries Ministry said at the request of the German press-Agency, there is still nothing had been decided. Japan had been threatened previously, and, if necessary, from the IWC to withdraw.

“We will seriously consider any Option” that had Hideki Moronuki, of the official in charge declared in the Ministry of Fisheries, until the end of September. His government had a short time previously at the IWC meeting in the Brazilian city of Florianópolis, a request for the resumption of commercial whaling. The IWC rejected the request, however.

From the perspective of Tokyo fundamental differences “” among the member countries of the IWC in a cul-de-SAC. The panel must be reformed, but Japan had failed, so far, so Moronuki. Japan is not my intention to discuss endlessly about a Reform, if in the end nothing come out.

According to Kyodo, Tokyo is now planning, next year, from the Commission to withdraw the commercial hunting of marine mammals. Supposedly they wanted to waters, however, only in the own coast, as well as in Japan’s economic zone, to go on whaling. A hunt in the Antarctic was, however, even after withdrawal from the IWC is unlikely, the unconfirmed report.

Japan argued for some time that the stocks of individual species of whales such as the minke whales have recovered significantly. A “sustainable” whaling is therefore, after 32 years of fishing moratorium. This was finally the original task of the whaling Commission, argued Moronuki: the conservation of Whales and the sustainable use of the Walressourcen.

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imposes, Despite the 1986 whaling moratorium, Japan every year, numerous animals, officially for “scientific purposes” Headlines Japanese fishermen last August, as she Was in the North-West Pacific 134 and 43 minke whales killed.

The fishing for the purpose of research is formally allowed. Critics accuse Japan, however, has Long been to use science as a cover for commercial whaling by the back door. Tokyo argues always that it would be hunted, not endangered species.

The meat of whales killed is released subsequently, and as a food marketed as legal fish, or legal shot Wild.

Except for Japan, Norway and Iceland catch whales – both Nations fish in the North Atlantic and do not see the IWC rules-bound.


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