The US aerospace group Boeing has managed its first successful test flight with an Autonomous electric-air taxi. With the prototypes, state of Virginia had succeeded in Manassas in the U.S., a controlled Start-up as well as hovering flight and landing, the group announced on Wednesday.

the first test was to go through phase. It is still unclear when flight taxis will be allowed and whether they could assert themselves ever in public transport.

The prototype in test flight

Boeing described the Premiere yet, as a milestone. “Within a year, we came from the concept Design to a flying prototype,” said chief technology officer Greg Hyslop. The US group acknowledged that the biggest challenge with the Transition to the application of various kinds of Flight was imminent.

the project of the US group heats up the Competition for the development of Autonomous air taxis. Also rival Airbus or a helicopter, specialist Bell, as well as German Start-ups such as Volocopter and Lilium are working on concepts for Autonomous passenger aircraft.


most of The air taxi prototype, which is currently being researched, resemble over-sized drones, which could only carry a few passengers. Optimists hope that through the construction of energy – and cost-efficiency of solid can be increased. Skeptics maintain opportunities for limited and references to high regulatory hurdles.


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