in November unveiled V-man of the lower Saxony Constitution protection, together with the göttingen Autonomous to the G-20 summit, traveled to Hamburg where it is hindered by road blockades government convoys. As the MIRROR reported in its latest issue, referring to witness statements and internal documents, was involved in the V-man to the various actions of the “democratic Left” that he spied for the protection of the Constitution.

With a group of seven or eight Autonomous he drove in the July 2017 to the G20 summit to Hamburg. The activists were carrying backpacks with a Change of clothes. At times, they were masked in Black, sometimes in colorful civilian clothes to actions such as “Colour the Red Zone”. The V-man blocked convoys, and could carry away. Twice he was taken temporarily into custody, his identity to the police. He then reported to the protection of the Constitution of the inserts.

Video: G20 riots reported – As Hamburg burned


As the MIRROR, walking the Student in Göttingen, actually, a more militant group. But there he found no access. That’s why he went to the public “the initial night” and the “democratic Left”, which is referred to as a “post-Autonomous” and radical left, but not through acts of violence or Terror in their appearance. In November, the V was revealed to man through a serious error of constitutional protection. President Maren Brandenburger had to vacate their Posts.

read the whole story of the V-man in the MIRROR+.


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