Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has spoken with the French head of state, Emmanuel Macron over the recent Ukraine crisis. On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina, Putin Macron explained his actions in the conflict. To do this he took out with the approximately 20-minute Meeting with a blank sheet of paper and drew the sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait.

Then the Russian head of state marked the history of Ukrainian boats on the sheet. Russia accuses the Ukrainian boats to be in Russian waters penetrated. “He has taken the time to explain his Version of the incident, which lasted about ten minutes,” said a French diplomat. Russia and Ukraine blame each other for the recent confrontation.

The Russian coast guard had fired on Sunday in the Strait in front of the Russian-annexed Peninsula of Crimea three Ukrainian Navy ships and applied. Several Ukrainian naval soldiers were injured. A total of 24 crew members were arrested and sentenced by a court in the Crimea two months of pretrial detention. The soldiers have now been transferred to Moscow.

Macron called for in the Meeting with Putin that a “Phase of de-escalation” should be initiated. To achieve this, the necessary Gestures required, said the French President.

completion of a Declaration of open

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet before the start of the G20 deliberations on Saturday morning with Putin. Also at the Meeting of the Ukraine conflict is likely to be the focus. Germany and France seek to mediate between Moscow and Kiev.

Angela Merkel was due to a breakdown in the government’s pilot with 12 hours of delay to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. You missed, therefore, on Friday, largely in the deliberations of the heads of state and government of the major industrial and emerging countries. A Meeting with the US President, Donald Trump has had to be postponed on Saturday.

it is Still unclear whether the G20 summit will end on Saturday with a joint final Declaration. Already, two major summits this year – the G7, and Apec-summit – were passed without the once-routine statements, explanations of the end. A G20 summit without a final Declaration, however, were never. The biggest points of contention in the issues of climate protection, world trade and Migration.

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