The galápagos Islands before the coast of South America as an ecological Paradise. Much of the Flora and Fauna is endemic – it is found only on the island group. Even Charles Darwin was amazed by the variety of species. Finally, the nature has inspired researchers from the galápagos Islands and his theory of evolution and the “origin of species”.

there is, However, threatened that are longer in the Eco-Paradise. A big Problem on the Ecuador belonging to the Islands of introduced species, which were not there once. These include pigs, cats, dogs. And especially rats. You have become a real plague. to be able to


For the rodents on the numerous Islands of effective combat, the Ecuadorian authorities are now drones. The drones throw for several days on the Seymour Norte island and Mosquera island from poison baits, such as the administration of the national Park said. The effort is part of a comprehensive programme against the rats.

In the sights of the Park administration, the house rat and the brown rat, which have spread to the Galapagos Islands during the last years. The people introduced animals threaten rare and endemic species like the nocturnal fork-tailed gull and frigate birds.

The turtles of Galapagos, REUTERS, Gaga research: When giant tortoises tipping

The use of drones makes it possible, in particular small and medium-sized Islands more precisely against the rats to act, said Karl Campbell, head of the organization Island Conservation, which supports the program. In addition, the pest control from the air is cost-effective.

Overall, will initially be distributed until the end of January, around 3,000 pounds of poison bait. This is, however, not only from the air, but also by Park staff on the floor. For two years the success of the measures is to be controlled. As long as it is likely to take, according to the Park administration until the rats are eradicated.

It is not the first intervention in the nature on the Islands, which lie about a thousand kilometers from the mainland. So researchers had resettled only in the past year, land iguanas. There is also a breeding program for rare turtle species there are.


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