note: This Text reveals something about the end of the game “NieR: Automata”.

The criticism darling, “NieR: Automata” immediately prior to its end, about to venture something Unusual. The humanity’s history, as well as their enemies. In the eternal proxy war between androids and alien robots, no one knows why nor is fought. To follow instead of continuing, senseless dogmas, decide more and more inhabitants of the planet to take their destiny into their own hands. The world conquers the world, without a sinister motive. What would it be for a memorable Finale, if the big Bang fails?

Spoiler: So far it’s not coming. “NieR: Automata” conjures up new antagonists velvet concealed Agenda out of the hat. Conspiracy ex machina. The pointless conflict wasn’t pointless, but part of a great deception. Instead of telling a story about the complexity and lack of purpose of life, it is also in “NieR: Automata” in the end, the great Plan of secret powers.

The androids 2B, 9S and A2 share this fade fate with Lara Croft, the Big Boss, JC Denton, Chris Redfield, Jade, Gordon Freeman, and many others. There is hardly a computer game without the Simple in the inventory. Cui bono?

Bigger, better, faster, more!

You must seek no conspiracy to explain the penchant for conspiracy. With Occam’s razor (+1 for simplicity) on the artifact Slot, a first theory is looted quickly: most Games follow a linear dramaturgy, as it was once coined in the arcade. “Space Invaders” to conquer the space more and more hectic. “Donkey Kong” climbs in always tückischere high-rise heights. Each challenge is followed by a larger one. The coin slot is glowing, but who is to write a plausible Story for the ongoing self-exploitation, easily loses the ground from under the feet.

Where to movies or novels, any increase in logic are required, Games are rarely a choice. “NieR: Automata” can a dramaturge make a bad back because of established expectations with the Boss from the final boss.

This cognitive coupling of great causes with great effect – psychologists speak of the “proportionality bias” – share Gamer with conspiracy theorists. All of the mastered obstacles must simply run on something really Cool. There is no place for anti-climax. There is a lot of writing doesn’t need talent to land when there is a powerful puppeteer.

the puppets

Lazy Standards and authors were statement alone, however, is too simplistic. Wake up! Finally, games can also be self-as conspiracies to understand. For the culture, Johan Huizinga anthropologists create “community associations”, surrounded “with a secret”, and strange jerseys to wear. Illuminati against the everyday, quasi.

But even more games are a conspiracy against the game sleeping sheep. As the media theorist Marshall McLuhan wrote, “[a] game is a machine that can get into action only if the players consent to become puppets for a time.”

Found in WASD – fraud
issue 14
About the Cheating in the computer contents folder game order

This machine plays with her voluntarily mindless dolls, playing computer games has become somewhat literal. Gamers use actual game hardware, to their rigid structure they must be subordinate to it. The Poet Charles Bernstein describes how already in the late ‘ 80s, the accompanying Paranoia. The Computer to stop responding apparently to the control of the Game trials, however, “[t]he real controller of the game is hidden from us.” Like the NSA, monitored the machine, each input of the user, and determines success and failure. “That’s what’s scary,” said amber.

It is not surprising that the Paranoia – the “being beside one’s mind” – has found the way into the Narrative of the computer game. If Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid, the movements of the Game before says, if Andrew Ryan plucks from “BioShock” by post-hypnosis puppet strings, or the narrator from “The Stanley Parable” game reality manipulation, personified by the foreign control and, therefore, tangible. Game design controls, gamers, and conspiracy provides the appropriate myth, and to have the gut to alleviate the lack of self-efficacy. You live!

get Informed! Four Game-conspiracies, you have to know.”Silent Hill 2″ With morgellon’s, you don’t go to the skin doctor. And as a Horny woman killer to stay away from Silent Hill. As simple as that. But also James Sunderland has gone through the school of life, and not to a psychiatrist. In a secret end of the game he wins, therefore, the Simple-Jackpot the horror in the city: he is not at fault, a cute dog, has controlled his thoughts.

8 out of 10 Morgellons “Metal Gear Solid 2” before the parasites to nudity fucking a sharpshooter Quiet, Hideo Kojima has shown a Talent for brazen declarations. The fierce sense of Déjà-vu feelings when you Play “Metal Gear Solid 2” the way he tells a particularly sovereign: no, this is not Gameplay was recycled from the previous. Sinister conspirators to simulate the events of its predecessor, … something to do with the manipulation of Thoughts.

7 of 10 the La-li-lu-le-lo “The Inner World: The last wind monk” educate a Child about the dangers of national socialism, the The last wind monk””. However, with the final Twist, you would have expected more of the neuschwabenland-regulars ‘ table and not in the hollow world of Asposia. The villain is in truth a of which he wants to eradicate! Difficult, because, unfortunately, too many Aluhüte really still believe that Hitler was a flute nose.

4 of 10, Frank Berger-theses “Psychonauts” The government is pursuing him. He is the milk man. His milk is delicious. And the squirrels have EYES! “Psychonauts” skillfully opens the world of thought of the Paranoikers Boyd Cooper. However, the true extent of the milkman conspiracy is apparent only when one throws a confusion grenade at the feet. “There is no conspiracy,” he says, “I suffer from delusions.” That’ll be the day.

10 of 10 paranoid delusions

non-Political politics

With John Nadas sunglasses (+1 to reality) on the nose of another, quite sinister motive for conspiracies in the computer revealed the game. Because what makes the conspiratorial ideology for many Aluhüte so attractive is your-relieving character. To blame for the evil in the world, not the individual and the socio-political conditions, but rather abstract powers. Everything would be fine, were it not for the reptilian Aliens!

Also, gamers are freed from the annoying need to take political Action. In order to change society, it is sufficient to destroy the upper-conspirators.

For PR departments are conspiracies like homeopathy. With a steep Twist (C3-potency), political issues, claim to act, but politically. There is misery in the streets of the “Deus Ex”? Now, the NWO. “Beyond Good & Evil” is the resistance against an authoritarian Regime – but then: “It’s aliens.”

Where the first season of “Orwell” think of Edward Snowden drifts already the second season in the mind of Julian Assange. Down-to-earth political power will abuse with blatant False-Flag operations from the Deep State raised to the power of.

More from the “WASD” experiences in an Online erotic game on top of each other, side by side, one after the other

Also “NieR: Automata” resonates precisely the conspiratorial club, as it would have to be a matter of taking Seriously the political ideas of the game. A conspiracy unmasked every desire to address reliable as a fraud. The Status quo is defended against external forces, but rarely overcome. Before the magic circle of a game is contaminated by the brittle reality, mend Mayan Oracle, the Super-KIs or homeless order the leak. In the case of “Fahrenheit”, all three at the same time. Almost everywhere, where this narrative comes up pattern, it maintains a cozy illusion alive.

The great Disappointment

must be how it is for conspiracy theorists disappointing that Chemtrails are just soot and water, it is not for gamers disappointing when a game end up delivering properly. But, without Disappointment, there is no truth. Games like “Gone Home” or “fire watch” will not meet the expectations of many people, and can, therefore, afford to bake also, narrative of brown bread. To your Horror and conspiracy plots turn out to be a Red herring. Instead, it comes to sexuality and responsibility. Everyday life stuff, but just something different than the thousandth Masonic meeting.

And who does not like to dispense with conspiracies, you can choose a clever variants. “Persona 5” on the full program of occult powers, a fact no doubt about it: The AfD group in the Bundestag have been responsible for most of the German citizens of nice, as well as the residents of Tokyo, the full responsibility for their psychic crisis wear.

The conspiracy of the game provides no Absolution. Who’s authoritarian leadership staff, and a relief from the burden of freedom craves constantly, will get nothing else. Pssst, also in the computer game.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.