Criminal gangs have defrauded the state by 2017 by providing false information for Hartz-IV-services to at least 50 million euros. The Rheinische Post reported,” citing a reply from the Federal government to a minor Interpellation of the FDP group in the Bundestag.

“The BA sampling of the surveys is estimated on the basis of the stitch that band’s scheduled performance, pecuniary damages of around EUR 50 million is abuse”, – stated in the answer. The performance “due to the band’s heavy crime” was abuse, therefore, for the first time in 2017, through a survey among the Job centers of the Federal employment Agency (BA).

a band of moderate crime is to be expected, when groups Bouncing of the state systematically, by making such false information about family members, flats or small-scale employment, to Hartz-IV-related services. The BA documented, but also the individual Performance of the abuses, such as violations of disclosure and reporting duties of the Subscriber of the basic service.

In the answer it is to say, according to the newspaper, the number of cases of power abuse or suspected abuse at 4400 sun. The majority of the cases focus on large urban centres. The total number of identified cases of abuse have located 119 541 in the past year, only slightly below the number of 2016 (121 of 464). The resulting damage, the BA estimates in the past year to 54 million. You add the damage from the band moderate abuse, amounted to the total damage more than 100 million euros.

in March, the BA on the so-called organised performance was abuse worried shown. People from Eastern European countries, especially Romania and Bulgaria were lured by well-organized gangs, specifically to Germany with false promises. The gangs were wrong, as an employer, the employment relationship, in order to unlawfully Hartz-IV-obtain payments. “They retain the vast majority of the social funds,” – stated in an internal BA report.


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