In Germany’s gardens and Parks are to be seen in this year a few winter birds. Tens of thousands of nature lovers, reported in January, an average of 37 birds observed at the counting action “hour of the winter birds” within 60 minutes, informed of the nature protection Federation of Germany (Nabu) on Wednesday.

“This is the second lowest number after the record minus 34.4 in the year 2017”, said national managing Director Leif Miller. 2011 had not yet been reported nearly 46 birds per garden. To see the most in 2019, House sparrows, great tit, tree Sparrow, blue tit and Blackbird.

dryness made blackbirds to create

Worried about the Nabu bird conservationists, especially the Blackbird. Only 2.67 birds per garden in 2019 mean the worst counting result for the animal.

“The very dry July 2018 was bad for the Survival of the young birds, as the blackbirds were unlikely to find earthworms,” said Nabu-employee Lars Lachmann. The main reason for the small Blackbird could be the in the summer of 2018 rampant Usutu epidemic.

The Virus is from Africa, which was probably introduced via migratory birds, since the mid-nineties for smaller outbreaks among birds in Europe, often accompanied with a Blackbird die.

special equipment: As a researcher of migratory birds, imago/ Bluegreen Pictures observation from space: watch the birds in the South

birds in the forest instead of in the garden?

That overall, fewer birds were counted in the gardens, could also be due to the relatively mild Winter. “So less birds in the gardens, because they are found in snow-free forests, enough to eat,” added Miller. The classic Chuck house titmouse visitors such as cabbage, blue Tits, marsh and fir Tits to see in this Winter season.

Whether the Birds actually go back, must be followed closely, Miller says.


Also, the Numbers of other forest birds such as nuthatches, jays, great spotted woodpeckers and bullfinches are lower than the long term average. Apparently less birds from the North and the East of Europe had come to Germany, because the Winter in Europe has been so far rather mild, concludes the Nabu.

this year had a reported 138,000 to nature lovers are the results of your counts to the Nabu. This was a new record number of participants since the Start of the great scientific hands-on action in the year 2011.


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