the Ambassador of The USA in Germany, Richard Grenell, could, once again, for diplomatic tensions between the United States and Germany: Apparently, Grenell wrote to several German companies are involved in the construction of the controversial Nord Stream gas pipeline 2, threatening letters. In it, he warns, according to the “Bild am Sonntag” in front of US sanctions, should involve companies in the project.

Nord Stream 2 is intended to transport Gas directly from Russia via the Baltic sea to Germany, the project is supported by private companies. Since the completion of the previous project in 2011, the Russian company Gazprom already supplies natural gas directly to Germany and Central Europe. Nord Stream 2 is to double the capacity of the Baltic pipeline.

The United States, but also some European States to criticise the project. Last November, the US had threatened-Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, “We have not yet used all the instruments that could seriously undermine or stop.” President Donald Trump have “many, many other instruments are available”.

The direct interference of US Ambassador Grenell by the letters of this threat, and is very unusual. As the “Bild am Sonntag” quoted from the Letter, see Grenell by the construction of the Pipeline is a growing threat of Russian intervention. Nord Stream 2 and also by the “Turk Stream”Pipeline with the existing European Gas Import from the Ukraine would be superfluous, which the Ukraine security would lose political importance.

MIRRORS+ Reto Clear/ Berliner Morgenpost/ SPARK photo Services U.S. Ambassador Grenell, The small Trump has to Off

Grenell maneuvered criticized, therefore, that the EU in its energy security dependent on Russia. “As a result, undermine the companies that support the construction of both Pipelines, active in the security of Ukraine and Europe.” The Ambassador threatens: “We emphasize that companies involved in the Russian energy export sector, participate in something that could lead to a significant risk of Sanctions.”

The letters sent Grenell according to research by the “picture on Sunday” in coordination with various US authorities in a number of German corporations. In the foreign office, the letters are not joined, therefore, a lack of understanding, Grenells policy is consistent with the diplomatic practice. Not officially commented the Ministry. A spokesman for Grenells told the newspaper that the letter was not to be construed as a threat, “but as a clear message of US policy”.


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