In the case of a suspected gas explosion in a residential building in the Dutch city of The Hague at least nine people have been injured. The blasts on Sunday, the house in the suburb of Laakkwartier was partly broken, informed the rescue workers. Four people were brought out of the rubble to safety.

neighbors reported that they had heard at 16.30 a loud Bang. The entire front section of the three-storey building was collapsed in, and partly on the two in front of the house parked cars crashed. The Ceiling crashed to each other.

“Terrible misfortune”

Considerable damage also occurred in the adjacent Parts of the residential complex, where parts of the external walls had to be moved. The fire Department also raided these houses for possible Victims. In the wide radius of the accident scene shards of glass layers: a number of Windows had been smashed. The mayor of The Hague, Pauline Krikke, spoke of a “terrible tragedy” and promised rapid assistance.

First, the fire brigade had been able to liberate only three people out of the rubble. Because the building was unstable, had to be rescued, a fourth Buried “with great caution”, informed the rescuers.

shortly after midnight, managed the deployment of forces by using a crane to bring him to safety. They moved the 28-Year-old out finally overthrew under a blanket. “He was taken to an ambulance,” it said. Notes on further Spilled, there is no.


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