The U.S. government remains opposed to the project of an underwater gas pipeline from Russia to Germany. The US Ambassador to the EU threatens with penalties, to stop the Nord Stream-2 Pipeline. “We have not yet used all the instruments that could seriously undermine or stop,” said Gordon Sondland, in Brussels.

Washington hope that “the Opposition against the project looks organic”. Europe should not make one-sided dependence on Russian Gas. “If this philosophy is not adopted and Nord Stream continues, then the President (Donald Trump) has many, many other instruments available to try to the project to reduce and to stop,” said Sondland.

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The Ambassador denied that the threat to the interest of the United States to sell liquefied natural gas in Europe. According to Sondland, the dependence on the Russian Gas for Europe is geopolitically wrong. “We don’t want someone in the middle turned off in the Winter, the Gas, when a political crisis erupts.” In addition, it is said to be true of the USA, if Europe’s energy supply vulnerable to be vulnerable. “The transatlantic relationship: We’re like Siamese twins,” said Sondland.

the construction of The Nord Stream gas pipeline 2 through the Baltic sea has already started and is supposed to be the end of 2019. Trump had already protested in the summer. Germany supports the project. The EU Commission and several EU member States see it critically.

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