Israel and Palestinian extremists in the Gaza strip have delivered on Monday, the most intense fighting since the Gaza war more than four years ago. More than 300 rockets and mortar shells had been fired until midnight from the Gaza strip into Israel, according to the military. Israel flew then, in turn, massive air strikes and destroyed, among other things, the Headquarters of the television channel and the news headquarters of the Hamas.

Palestinian authority circles it was said that Israeli attacks in the Northern Gaza strip killed three people and nine injured. In Israel, a man from the Gaza strip fired a rocket has been killed, according to the Israeli emergency services on Tuesday night. A total of at least 20 people had been wounded, including a 60-year-old woman with life-threatening injuries.

The Israeli military said, alone in the evening, had been fired within less than an hour, with around 100 rockets on Israel. 70 of a total of around 300 rockets were intercepted, according to the military. Some fell but. The Israeli television showed pictures of a fire near a shopping center in the city of Sderot. As a reaction, bombarded Israel with more than 30 targets in the Gaza strip.

trigger the escalation of a failed Israeli was cher military operation in the Gaza strip on Sunday. The Israeli special unit was Reportedly on a reconnaissance mission, as it was discovered, and in a firefight. Seven extremists, and an Israeli soldier were killed. The Israeli military provided few Details to the reason for the use. A “special force” have done “for the security of Israel is very significant,” said chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot.

Israel moved troops to the border with

Hamas and The smaller extremist group Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the subsequent rocket fire, and justified it with the use from the day before. The organization intensified to the power demonstration of the security measures in the Gaza strip. The traffic through the border crossings to Israel was limited. Foreign journalists, entrepreneurs, and development workers could not get out of the Gaza strip.

An Israeli military spokesman announced that additional ground troops and anti-missile systems had been moved to the border. Cabinet Minister Michael Oren said that Israel would do everything Necessary to defend themselves, and expect for the support of the international community.

The EU Ambassador in Israel, and Emanuele Giaufret, called to put an end to the indiscriminate shelling of civilians immediately. As well as the UN middle East envoy Nikolay Mladenow, he warns that Gaza should not plunge back into the abyss.

Since the Hamas takeover in the Gaza strip in 2007, the extremists and Israel have waged three wars against each other. At the most recent in the summer of 2014, more than 2,200 Palestinians and 73 people came within just 50 days, on the Israeli side were killed.

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