you have tried with all my strength, to save his life: the 41 units of blood, about 500 milliliters, administered by the Doctors of gdańsk mayor were after on Sunday night a 27-Year-old with the knife he was stabbed. But all the efforts couldn’t save Pawel Adamowicz. He died on Monday.

The perpetrator in jail. On Sunday evening he had stormed the stage of a charity event, in the Hand of his gun with 14,5 inches long blade. Adamowicz had no Chance. Stefan his name, cried the murderer, the civic platform, a liberal party, have him “torture” and an innocent thrown in jail. Only: Adamowicz, the citizens ‘ platform, no longer belonged to a long time.

it is one of the most popular politicians in Poland died, a champion for Europe and against nationalism, a pragmatist, not a polarizer. Since 1998 he was mayor of the Hanseatic city, the chosen values in each case with the Consent, of the politicians in Warsaw can only dream of.

“I’m the mayor of gdańsk”

Adamowicz was 53 years old. His family had been resettled after the war from the area around the Lithuanian Vilnius to Gdansk. He studied law and was active in the Opposition against the Communists. In the nineties, Adamowicz was first elected to the city Parliament, he founded the civic platform, the party belongs to the current EU Council President Donald Tusk, also from gdańsk.

“I’m the mayor of gdańsk”, which was one of his political principles. Especially young, well-educated people chose him, but he was around the more conservative of the shipyard workers. These were those people who had once founded the first free trade Union in the Eastern bloc, the solidarity, the negotiating, finally, the peaceful change in 1989. Many of them were one of the First whose jobs were to be of danger. Under Adamowicz boomed Gdansk, the employment offices reported in years of full employment.

His office had hung Adamowicz with the ölgemalten portraits of his predecessors from the Hanseatic period. Many of them spoke English. But the mayor just found: “We are not to return to the German heritage today the back,” he said once to the MIRROR. A brave record at the time in 2007, when the national-conservative in Warsaw ruled, and the relationship with the Western neighbours deteriorated further.

Adamowicz resisted the nationalist Mainstream

Almost with relish, resist Adamowicz continued even later to the nationalist Mainstream. He said in the past few years, that his city is willing to take in refugees – while Warsaw was the European distribution mechanism for people in Need. “Poland was for centuries a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, welcoming to newcomers of a different nationality,” wrote Adamowicz 2017.

In the Video: After the knife attack on the open stage – the mayor of gdańsk


A shadow falls, however, on this brilliant career: Adamowicz is considered to be extremely wealthy. The multiple was determined against him, because he should have filled out a acquis statement wrong. Such a public statement must submit every Polish Person in a public office. A process therefore was. In connection with this suspicion Adamowicz 2015 withdrew from the civic platform.

In Poland has now started a discussion: Has to do with the murder on the stage with some of the deep political divisions within the country? The national-conservative government and the liberal Opposition have been arguing in the strongest terms. Or the offender is insane?

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the gray Eminence of the national conservative party, expressed in a public statement of “deep pain” over the death of Adamowiczs. The government sent Adamowiczs wife of a government machine to London. She was landed on the trip from the USA home.

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