Olympic champion Natalie Geisenberger has proven her exceptional position in the home world Cup in Winterberg and is for the fourth Time Luge world champion. The 30-Year-old led the scores with a German double victory, Julia Taubitz caught with more than four-tenths of a second behind silver and thus celebrated the biggest success of your career.

The other Germans were not able to intervene in case of adverse conditions in the fight for the medals. Bronze went to Emily Sweeney of the United States. World record holder and defending champion Tatjana Hüfner took only the tenth place, second in the Olympics Dajana Eitberger disappointed as the Twelfth.

sprint title the day before

In the less-important sprint competition, geisenberger had won on Friday already Gold before Taubitz.

Geisenberger, since Pyeongchang 2018 the most successful Olympic rodlerin, with now four titles (three silver and one bronze medal) the second most successful world Cup Participant. Better Tatjana Hüfner won five Gold and one each silver and bronze medal so far.

In the last 19 world Cup-decisions of women, the title went to since 1995, to 18. Time to Germany. Only Erin Hamlin of the USA was in the 2009 world Championships in Lake Placid, the dominance of the German Sledders break.


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