The American software group Oracle is because of its salary policy in the line of fire. The accusation that Oracle should have paid for over the years women significantly less than their male colleagues. An average of 13,000 dollars women for the same work per year worse off, says a study that put more applicants on Friday, together with a statement of claim in a California court.

the Stated aim of the women: a class-action suit of the more than 4,200 current and former female employees in California. The former employees of the software group, accusing Oracle, over the years, knowingly and willingly have female employees worse paid than their male colleagues – and against California law.

against Google is running an action

As proof, they presented an analysis of the Oracle payroll. As a result, the basic salary of women was, on average, around 3.8 percent of their male counter-parts, the bonuses, 13.2 percent, and the share holdings 33.1 percent lower. The inequalities that were reported to be unaffected whether the Relevant received the same reviews from their pre-as well as the same experience had.

Oracle is not the only company currently with a lawsuit because of unfair salary practices. Against Google in a similar lawsuit that could connect up to 8300 female Employees to be running in California.

discrimination officially recorded

As problematic for both groups could be that both Google and Oracle already in 2017, on the part of the US Department of labor discrimination against female employees was found. It

the Oracle were, however, rejected the allegations of the Ministry of labour at that time, and declared that they lacked any basis. The software group was, according to press reports, after a law change in the year 2017 only the practice of paying Employees on the Basis of their previous earnings.

Whether the court in San Mateo allows the class-action lawsuit against Oracle is still open.


in other world group has, however, drawn from similar allegations already are the consequences and its salary structure are equalized: Nike. The sports article manufacturer from Oregon raised after an internal investigation of the salary level of more than 7000, or around 10 percent of all employees worldwide, after many employees had publicly protested against discrimination and harassment within the group.

Also announced Nike to change its bonus to practice, and that subjective criteria such as individual performance, in the future, mainly in the Numbers. In the Wake of the affair, many managers left the company, including once as a potential CEO candidate traded former Nike brand chief Trevor Edwards.

More on women’s salaries professors receive an average of 650 euros on the

And in other companies of the suit seemed to last, even in the face of threats to his sensitivity with regard to fairer payment grown. At least more than 100 companies have announced, including large companies such as AT&T, Gap, Mastercard, and Target, to seek the closure of the so-called “Gender Pay Gap”.

In Germany, where women earn, according to the Federal statistical office, on average, with the same qualifications and work about 6 per cent less than men, have fear of corporations on the basis of this practice is significantly less than in California.

Barely a means of pressure against German corporations

Although the attacks in July 2017 in this country, a so-called “fee transparency act”, which gives employees the right to obtain information about the salaries of colleagues in comparable positions. It is, however, only if the company has at least 200 Employees.

Yet the law, however, remained largely without consequences. According to a study of the economic and Social research Institute (WSI) of the Union-affiliated Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, the law triggered in most companies, there is no activity. In Germany, companies that ignore the law of fear, but so far, no legal consequences.

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