Marcell Jansen is the new President of the football second division club, Hamburger SV. The former national player was at the members ‘ meeting against the former Treasurer Ralph Hartmann. Ex-President Jürgen Hunke withdrew his candidacy shortly before the election.

The 33-year-old Jansen received the vote of the total Association 799 votes, which is significantly more than the remaining counterparty Hartmann. Between 2008 and 2015, played Jansen for the HSV, and subsequently ended at the age of 29 years of his career.

Jansen obtained by his election to the club head also has a seat on the Supervisory Board of the football club and thus has a direct influence on the football-AG, the HSV e. V., 76,19% and is the largest shareholder. For almost a year, Jansen is already a member of in the control panel.

the Eighth year in a row with losses

The presidential office in the HSV e. V. was since the 19th century. September vacant after the first of the year and period selected, Bernd Hoffmann had been appointed to the management Board, head of the indebted HSV football AG – the 55-Year-old has held the most important Position for the football Department. The majority of club members voted against the approval of the Presidium with the Chairman of the Board Hoffmann.

The HSV wrote after the relegation from the Bundesliga, most recently for the eighth Time in a row in the red, the fiscal year 2017/2018, it was closed with a Minus of 5.8 million euros. The liabilities amount to € 85.4 million (previous year: 105.5 million euros).

The financially struggling club now wants to ask again, his followers money. The club will hang up a “new Fananleihe,” said the chief Executive officer of Hoffmann at the meeting of the members of the HSV. The new bond should be used to the spout to repay the end, announced that chief financial officer Frank Wettstein.

“The new bond of the same maturity and same interest rate,” said the 45-Year-old: “the Only difference is that We will relieve you over the years.” The HSV is planning to once again issue volume in the amount of 17.5 million euros.


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