A country is at a standstill: hundreds of thousands of public sector employees in Tunisia, followed on Thursday the call for a strike to the powerful trade-Union UG TT. At the capital city airport, in the ports and railway stations, almost nothing does.

thousands of Tunisians in the Morning, on the Avenue Bourguiba, in January 2011, the road between the protesters and the police raged battles. “We have enough,” calls a man holds a poster in the direction of the police hundred, for the case of an escalation with helmets and black uniforms. “We’re broke”, he wrote on it.

Of the political reforms that were initiated after the fall of the dictator Zine el-Abedine Ben Ali, eight years ago, to remember the eleven million Tunisians. The Inflation rate is eight per cent, in the poor regions in the southwest of the country, every third person is unemployed. The average income is just under 200 Euro.


Without loans from the International monetary Fund Tunisia insolvent. This calls for the removal of the security agencies and the bloated state bureaucracy. Their members fight back with all his strength against such a change. The best example is the state-owned airline Tunisair, where the Management has, for years, resisted against the Open-Sky agreement with the EU, the Low Cost would allow carriers such as Easyjet and Ryanair land rights to Tunisian airports.

Where to develops the country?

The young Generation, the dictator Ben Ali in 2011, drove into exile to Saudi Arabia, sees the country in a crucial Phase: “Tunisia arrived today in reality, we are either on the way to a banana Republic or a state of law.” His words activist Kouraish Jahouhadou choose Wisely. “First of all, the civil society has achieved a lot in recent years. Soon, the last discrimination against women coincides with the new inheritance. But the distrust of the citizens against politicians and the Elite remained. Although Ben Ali is gone, but not the mentality of its officials, and the corruption at the local level.”

Kouraish Jaouahdou

the project “Budget Participatif” want to contribute Jahouhadou and his comrades-in-arms, in villages, urban neighborhoods and small cities, the cooperation between citizens and the administration is better. That basic things such as waste collection, street lighting, or the construction and maintenance of Parks and green spaces work better.

benefitting from the state Treasury: “Because at the local level, the corruption is largest, do not pay a lot of entrepreneurs and citizens of their taxes,” says Jahouhadou. “In communities where a co-operation between citizens and local government is managed, increased tax revenues three-fold. This local cooperation is the real Revolution in Tunisia, and has only just begun.”

The young Elite on breaks, the Rest also

have The confidence in the large policy, the Tunisians lost a long time ago. According to a survey conducted by the election observer initiative Atide 75 percent of the people want to boycott under the age of 30 for the end of 2019 planned parliamentary and presidential elections.

“Tunisia has managed to make the turn in the direction of democracy. However, the level of trust in the political Elite, because democracy alone is not enough. For too many has changed after 2011. Young Doctors and IT specialists are openly enlisted by the French or canadian company, the chance to go for free by boat,” says Jahouhadou.

Mohamed Halim*

Each week, fishing boats with Tunisian migrants from the coastal towns of Zarzis and Sfax. Your destination is Italy. Mohamed Halim* from Zarzis has already tried three times to come to Sicily, twice the 24-Year-old was caught by the coast guard, at the third attempt he survived, in the autumn of the previous year, as Only the sinking of a boat in front of Djerba. He will try it again as soon as he has earned the 500 Euro for the ride, with backup jobs.

*the Name has been changed

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