Good Morning, today I want to talk to you about the small, daily stuff. To bring in the difference to the other world-changing texts at this point, the texts, the dictator inside the case, acts that are transnational in nature-freezing and so on.

today we are Talking about generalizations. Facilitate a lot of things. People say, for example: “I hate insects.” So you mean cockroaches and mosquitoes, maybe even spiders. It also includes puschlige bees and Bumble bees, and picturesque (a word I wanted to use ever) butterflies. People also say: “my Generation”. Especially like you say, if you realize in any verquasten kind of as the voice of her Generation.

Each Time, so when I read that someone of “my Generation”, writes, or speaks, at me my insides as if I was writing with a thick felt-tip pen, the members of a different Generation, probably as a “Sharpie” would indicate, on paper. “Age”, I think, “think about it”.

Your Generation is who exactly? A few hundred million Spackos who were born in – what – the same year as you? Or in the same decade? Or is considered to be generation gap is still in the cycle of a possible maternity? Of stark nine years to what? 50 plus of age today is born? What a unique feature! Perhaps the generation of belonging arises from the fact, which iPhone someone grew up without understanding the device, or whether he or she has not only understood to be a record player?

you speak of your Generation, and my, what kind of music someone was socialized. With, say, Roy Black, or Snoop Dogg. The mass of those who both do not like, is, unfortunately, outside. Sorry, you don’t have it done to a generation of membership. A Generation is political or apolitical, totally tech-savvy – or is it all just absolute madness? Is created the Generation of the renewable crowd of new journalists who want to pimp a simple picture of the world to be a generally valid Thesis? And what the hell are you, man, with us now actually want to share? That is exactly the problem with your Generation, so we’re shortening it to its true meaning, that precisely for you to understand the world better because you’re younger or older than all the others?

This Generation A vs. Generation B is always a sign of absolute Gelatinization of the mind. And unfashionable it is. A battle cry from a time in which we have not yet had the Refugees as the enemy, or Blacks, or women, or Jews. At that time, you had to turn something against each other, and audiences, for reasons of shame, of decency and of the mind is prohibited.

So, what do we do now? What are we to do with this neglect of the spirit, which can be increased as a Bagatelle but at the level of the bull hits that happen on the earth?

Now, the only authorization we have is our mind. The little Trick is to identify generalizations and avoid, not more starts in The men to think The women, The foreigners, The white man, The black woman, The Left, The Right. You could differentiate. “The people and the Toast”. I’m trying to.

It is hard, but it helps to not pass out crowds to watch. Instead, one facing each of the idiot inside. This rule does not apply to generalize almost always. Except in the case of Nazis.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.