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nostalgia is the first emotion that sets in when the news of his death. George H. W. Bush was with his style and his political experience of an American picture book President. Oh, you might sigh, sitting just today, a guy like him in the White house in Washington.

and Then coloured Great, wild failures, and confusing program would be there instead of a man with orange to see a Mr. An elegant, handsome new Englander, in contrast to the current incumbent to his that 41. Presidency prepared was hardly one of his predecessors or successors. And to thank for this monster.

George H. W. Bush may, as to him by his political opponents often accused of, on 12. In June 1924 with a Golden spoon in the mouth born. However, he has used his advantage to an impressive live performance. His father, Senator Prescott Sheldon Bush, was able to be proud of his son, George, the youngest fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy in the Second world war, he graduated in Economics at Yale University, concluded a marriage, six children were born, and earned millions in the Texas Oil business.

Reagan’s Vice –

His political efforts in the rough “Lone Star State”, however, were less happy. Maybe its hard to overlook new England Aura was not asked there. One whose family had a rest in the summer, traditionally on the idyllic promontory of Walker’s Point in Maine, it didn’t seem to fit in any case, to the dusty Texas.

After failed attempts for the U.S. Senate, President Richard Nixon helped him finally in the national policy. Nixon sent him as American Ambassador to the United Nations in New York. In 1974 and 1975, he worked for President Gerald Ford, head of the American liaison office in Beijing. With his following role as head of the CIA, George Bush recommended then finally for the higher orders; at the time, this sort of thing was still possible, because the comrades of the secret services a lot of Reputation.

During his time as Vice President alongside Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1989, Bush was able to gain the knowledge and experience that came to him then, as he was himself in the highest office. So he had to travel in representation of Reagan’s multiple funeral ceremonies for deceased Soviet General secretaries of the Communist party (what seemed to be the old man cast in the Kremlin to the Routine) to Moscow. His condolence visits were sometimes ridiculed, but they had a priceless Companion: He was able to build a relationship of trust to the newly installed Communist party chief Mikhail Gorbachev.

Dieter Buhl

The author was from 1969 to 2001, a member of the TIME-policy editors, and for a time her head of Department.

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This relationship is not helped President Bush only two important control agreements for nuclear weapons (Start I and II), they proved, in retrospect, as a blessing for the Federal Republic of Germany. George Bush senior liked the German, not least your good beer. The author still remembers it vividly, how excited the presidential candidate gushed during his election campaign aboard Air Force II, a feast with the then Nato Secretary General Manfred Wörner. A whole box they had emptied together. At the memory he seemed to get in the mood for a beer.

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