“Lurid”, Gerhard Richter was on the Trailer to “work without the author”. More not more was heard for a long time by the famous painter on the Film, the various themes from his life. After a own script it had turned to Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, and in October in the German cinemas.

Now a judge in the magazine “the New Yorker, has” broken his Silence, and the Film and its makers – with clear words condemned. To call “to me, the events in memory,” writes the judge on a request of the American magazine, wanted to know more about the cooperation of judges and Henkel von Donnersmarck, “I had to look at the pretty extensive folder of the case Donnersmarck. Unfortunately, the visualization of all the facts has caused so many bad feelings, and my rejection of the film as well as the Person will continue to grow, that I consider it impossible to give you an answer.”

The New Yorker in its current issue, in the context of a large portraits of Henkel von Donnersmarck, the story of “a work without the author”. This also includes the collaboration with Gerhard Richter, who served Donnersmarck only as an Inspiration, but he also met several times for talks.

the Extent to which projects went on at the Meetings to the specific Film, what concessions the publicity-shy judge Donnersmarck made in the exploitation of his biography and what he forbade, takes up large parts of the text. According to von Donnersmarck, the encounters of openness and liability. So judges would have the script to be read aloud has been found to be good, and even considered, specifically images from the Film to contribute.

“a Film about Gerhard Richter may well be called”

a judge is entirely different. “Very shortly after his [thunder marcks] the first or second visit,” writes a judge in the correspondence with the New Yorker, “I told him clearly that I can not call any Film about Gerhard Richter.” In addition, he had proposed to him to give the protagonist a different job than that of the painter, because of the professional for the family history is irrelevant.

Donnersmarck had not set, so judges have handed to him a written Statement in which he forbade him to use both his name as well as his paintings or publish. Donnersmarck had assured him to respect the wishes of.


“But, in truth,” said the judge, “he has done everything to ensure that my Name is brought in connection with his Film, and the press helped him to the best of their opportunities. Fortunately, the major Newspapers have discussed here do work very skeptical and critical. Nevertheless, he has managed to need my biography miss and distort bad.”

the Text in The “New Yorker” comes at a delicate time for Donnersmarck. Currently, the main film will be awarded in the United States prices, in addition to a nomination as the best non-English language Film for the Golden Globe (which went to “Roma” by Alfonso Cuarón) was able to secure “work without the author” a place on the Oscar Shortlist for best foreign language Film.

If he made it in the circle of nominees, it will show on Tuesday, when the Academy announces the nominations. The outcome of the nomination process, the Text can have no influence, was the vote on January 14. January ended. But works without an author should be “” among the five nominees, he should, apart from the overwhelming competition by “Roma” – in the face of such massive criticism, once again, have a harder time, Academy members.


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