The European idea is in crisis: The Hungarian government the freedom of the press always tighter borders, the Polish weakens the independence of the judiciary. To is not us, it in unison in a number of European capitals when it comes to the reception of refugees. And some European politicians want to be pursued with ill-concealed the detachment process of the Britons by the EU. The characters are on more of a national state and less Europe. And now Germany and France will put on a decidedly increased bilateral cooperation? Given the framework of the German-French Treaty, Emmanuel Macron, and Angela Merkel seems to be drawing on Tuesday in Aachen, Germany, have fallen out of time.

about The author Germany radio/ Bettina Straub Dr. Eva Sabine Kuntz is the head of the main Department of the Superintendency in the Germany radio. From 2004 to 2011 she was General Secretary of the German-French youth office (Paris, Berlin); before that, she worked in various positions at the German-French relations.

But he is by no means the desperate resistance of two Impotent. But he is advancing an idea that is still valid today – even more than ever That Europe can compete in this globalised world and in competition with powers like China, Russia and the United States only as a community. Only in this way it will give Europe tomorrow. Not more and not less.

This requires the conclusion of the contract of Aachen. The German-French cooperation is not an end in itself. Is not only the possibility of self-assessment of how successfully it has overcome the ideas of hereditary enmity. The German-French cooperation is, rather, the focal point of Europe. Without it, nothing is going on in Europe.

The differences are our strength

This has nothing to do with the strength of the two economies. It is also an expression, of course, matching interests of two countries. And not to be confused even with a hegemonic striving, this would be viewed in the European Union, right to be suspicious. It is, rather, to serve Europe.

Because unlike in festive speeches praised, not Germany and France become in the 50 years since the signing of the Elysée-Treaty, always similar. The differences remain.

culture, hierarchy, school, and communication – all of the works in the two countries is very different, and often provides enough material for a grotesque misunderstandings. The same is true also for the political strategies of both countries based on a wide variety of diplomatic, military and strategic cultures, backed up by appropriate historical experience.

All of this leads to the fact that, if Germany and France can achieve in a difficult question of a consensus, this is far more than just a bilateral compromise: Often, it is also for the other European countries, for portable use, because it combines different perspectives. Germany and France can bridge the dividing lines within the Union between the North and the South on the one hand, and East and West on the other. Berlin is about included in issues of the Eurozone, clearly the North-East, stability-oriented countries so, the self-responsibility versus a transfer Union postulate.

We live on a speck of Paradise

both countries are so different, that’s why one of the great Strengths of the English-French pair.

mind you: This role of a Ermöglichers, a Pioneer, is not allowed to exclude others. And you should have a serving function. You may also be a few Gestures of humility. That’s not how the common walk of Merkel and Macrons predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, in Deauville, a reasonable agreement in terms of the stability Pact so clumsy is announced that they will be perceived by the other EU partners as a dictation.

Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron (file photo)

The role of Germany and France, for Europe is more important today than ever. In times of European crisis of meaning, more and more people seem to see, above all, the shortcomings of Europe and to be willing to throw in European achievements. Ever fewer seem to be aware of the fact that we live here on a piece of Paradise.

Because I can criticize with good or bad arguments, Merkel (or Macron or Steinmeier or Hollande) and say it out loud – and remain a free man. If I a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim am, I can’t maltreat it. If I straight or gay am, no one is allowed to come me that’s why stupid. By the way, not just because I’m a woman. I don’t have to in the evening, after dark, whether it is a good idea to go on the road. In other words: There is no other place on earth where human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, equality of men and women, safety and social protection at the greatest possible individual freedom to such an extent are realized as in Europe.

If we Europeans are convinced that our way of life, our shared values and interests will receive value, then the European Union needs to develop internally and externally a real political Ambition and their values to be more robust to represent. This is all the more true as Europe is literally getting smaller and smaller. Our share of the world’s population drops: Put Europe in 2010, seven percent of the world’s population, so it will be in the year 2060, to a projected five percent.

Europe needs to become a global player in the struggle for a liberal and more equitable world order. It must have the courage to make policy. And if Germany and France is the pivotal point of Europe, for these two countries in particular.

both countries need to be aware of their cultural differences and the peculiarities of the other, disinterest, arrogance or selfishness to interpret. And significantly closer together than in the past. In terms of personnel and in terms of content.

finally Got the courage

If it is possible, that Germany and France, with the Aachen Treaty, the Elysée Treaty 2.0 policy, on the economic and policy on asylum and migration issues – come, so to speak, really to the joint content of positions in all the major policy issues-really all of the Foreign, security and defence; if you follow-through with a new culture of debate, constructive criticism, and a consequence of the results; if the Federal Cabinet and the Conseil des Ministres participants will be exchanged, and that happens also at all other locations where strategic Considerations: it would be really a big step. And the concrete projects that have a realistic Chance.

And what’s wrong is equally confident: The Bundestag – the one that we remember, in 1963, firmly on the brake, stand – in closes these days even a Treaty that calls on a parliamentary German-French Assembly. The Sovereign is on Board. That was more than overdue.

Only in times of crisis, Europe is developing, develop, Germany and France, it is always. Now, the characters are good, you might say cynical. In other words: Have courage. Finally. We only have this namely a Europe.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.