This story is by Patrick Wiencek, circle runner, one of the defense chiefs in the national handball team, and actually, it is the place heated when it comes to the dirty work. But to him and to understand his role in the world Cup better, you have to see Wiencek first, in the context of his team-mates.

Uwe Gensheimer wiped the sweat from his forehead, breathing fast, then he said, “men today have plowed good”. A few meters further on, Martin Strobl, the hands in the hips, the upper body straight: “It’s the last fine-tuning is still missing,” he said with a strong voice. Strobl and Gensheimer had to have helmets, they could have been for Mason to keep, the report of the progress of your construction project.

But Gensheimer and Strobl reported from the Drama against France (25:25), and for which you plow, is known For the world title at the tournament in their own country. Your site is the basketball Board, not the prefab. Island is on Saturday night, the first opponent in the main round (20.30 clock, live Ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE).

But perhaps the comparison with the construction site is quite suitable, just think of the effort against Russia and France, each hit is heavy work. Gensheimer, with his nimble hands would be in this Structure the man for the Aesthetic, an architect. Strobl at the rear position of the site Manager. And then there was the guys for the job, and now Patrick Wiencek comes into play.

Wiencek in his parade discipline: brackets

Wiencek is two metres tall and between 116 and 109 kilograms, the source location is inaccurate, it means that the circle of runners have recently slimmed down, His Jersey stretched on the belly. But for his game, the mass is not a disadvantage, on the contrary, Wiencek is the type who is hands-on when it comes down to it. The 29-Year-old makes it clap, where Wiencek goes, it hurts, he tugs, he clings, he toils Handball, and he makes everything quite happily – main occupation: defense monster.

But unlike the football, defender Sergio Ramos Wiencek is not only an evil monster, but also a gentle one, of the you want to like to be pressed strongly, so nice he seems, at least if the game rests. In the final stage in the preliminary round game against Russia, there was a scene; a Moment that showed why the team mates affectionately call him Bam Bam, in reference to the powerful and lovable boy from the animated series the flintstones.

Wiencek one step too late

The game was once tight, the Russians had caught up and were in the attack. Wiencek pushed and pushed on the circuit, routine work, but this time to doll. He got a time penalty and also caused a seven-meter. Assistant coach Oliver Roggisch, is a former defense chief of the national team, raged on the Bank, because of the referee’s decision, so quick-tempered how to get him out of his active Football days knows. Wiencek is in the relationship differently, he was just disappointed and shook his index finger, as he would want to say: “Dear Mr. referee, the decision is unjust, and I think she might have been wrong.”

Wiencek none of the rumbles. If he is currently speaking in the many microphones around the world Cup, then mostly quiet, he is, always something with the hips and shoulders, perhaps out of nervousness or because he has the defensive movements of the circle is now so internalized, he has 130 games under his belt. Wiencek makes no major announcements in Interviews, he tells more of a story from real life. After the game against France, he could not fall asleep, said Wiencek, the ARD, “that’s when I saw the replay of the jungle camps”. His eyes sparkled as he told, and in this Moment you could imagine, as he was sometime slumbers peacefully in front of the TV.

at home in front of the TV Fabiane and the two children Lotta and Paul cheer just a wife with him, and the German hand shooting. At home, in Kiel, a native of the city of Duisburg, Wiencek plays since 2012 for the THW and was already a three-Time German champion. And if he does not work just on the football field, then in the local hobby cellar. The “picture on Sunday” said Wiencek recently, he has built a Sauna. The passion for the craft he had always had after school he took an apprenticeship as a plant mechanic, he made components, Toil is exactly his thing.

Wiencek the two fight

And so we were again at the German players and the image of the construction site. Wiencek would be on this by the way, not only the man for the job. The circle runner is in motion, you can stop him: anyone Who is looking for Youtube to Wienceks career highlights, you will find no spectacular attacks, but nice hits, many of them after a fast break. Keyword: Steam Roller.

Sometimes Wiencek but seems a bit fallen out of time, then, if he defends on the side of his defense partner, Hendrik Pekeler, 27 years old, that is still greater than Wiencek, but much more thoroughly trained and more nimble. What it says? Likely that football will always be more athletic, as well as the example of the French backcourt player Dika Mem, the much more agile, and trained acts as the cabinets on his Position from the time of Christian Black.

the right mix in Handball is But also that is crucial, because the German team is currently experiencing one of her stronger phases, the defense is the key and in the main round, the packers and take qualities of the Patrick Wiencek will be particularly in demand.

editor’s note: We have updated an image caption.

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