voice As Didier Dinart of an “unpleasant and complicated” game, should have thought of the French Handball national team coach in the first seven minutes against the DHB-selection. No matter where his players were in the initial phase, or fit, almost always a German opponent stood in their way, an Arm went in between. And when the French came once more to the litter, drew, Andreas Wolff the Ball around the post.

after six minutes and 51 seconds France came to his first hit. The current world champion must wait long for a goal, is rare, and for the runner-strong defense of the German team a small award. But France coach Dinart also spoke of a “beautiful exit” the game, and that is from the point of view of the German handball player of the annoying part of the story.

In the last 30 seconds gave Germany a victory in the Handball world Cup in their own country and Denmark, again easily done from the Hand. Like the day before against Russia had been missing against France and again, the ultimate concentration in the final meters: Only Fabian had Bohemian with a failed the preliminary card at the 26:24, and with the final siren the Team conceding the equaliser to 25:25 (12:10).

The disappointment quickly gave way to

After almost two hours of continuous noise, the 13,500 spectators in the Arena at Berlin’s Ostbahnhof, with their clap banners and drums had caused, it was suddenly very quiet. Some players had a kinked: Uwe Gensheimer said directly after the final whistle, the course of the game was at the end of “shit,” Patrick Wiencek called him “bitter” and assistant coach Oliver Roggisch found that the Team “deserves two points” would have had.

Here you can see the reactions of the players in the Video:


But this time it was different than the day before. The disappointment among the players still seemed to be in the press area to disappear, the Fans in the stands had already found their voices again. With a little more distance to the final whistle Fabian Böhm said he was proud of the performance. Wiencek indicated that he would have taken before the game a point directly. Apparently, it took a Moment for the players, it became clear that you may be one of the best teams in the world meet on eye-level – only 24 hours after the show of strength against Russia.

Perhaps the professionals thought back again to the Moment, how frenetic the crowd they had just passed. Maybe Gensheimer and his team-mates thought, but also of the past year. After the European championship debacle was not clear, what will be the role of the DHB-selection for the world Championships at home; and whether the continued employment of a national coach Christian Prokop was a good idea. These doubts are getting smaller and smaller. Alone, as the Defensive has improved in the past twelve months, shows that of the 40-Year-old at the crucial set-screws since the botched Euro has turned. A stable defense was the key for the European championship title in 2016.

Procopius hopes to have the unit

But from the title no one is talking about currently. The DHB has made some for the world Cup, but first of all, the sporting Mission of the semifinals is the Team that should delight. After Russia’s surprising Broke in the afternoon against Brazil, Germany’s world Cup chances have risen anyway, in the main round, the Team could move even with the 3:1 points. That would be a proper starting position for the battle for semi-final places in Hamburg (More to the mode, you can read here).


Hamburg, however, is the music of the future. Christian Prokop declined to speculate on the further course in the tournament. “We will now drink a toast. This was a great performance,” said the national coach: “And then we’ll try again tomorrow without the eye rings to get through the day.” For the German handball team wins, it continues on Thursday with the final group game against Serbia.

The aim of Procopius and the German handball players have come enthusiasm a bit closer, at least if one considers the atmospheric impressions from the Arena for representative. “We have managed today to be a unit, team, and spectators. France has made you want more,” said national coach Prokop.

Currently, the audience is in fact evolving to something like the eighth man: German attacks are accompanied with chants, the opponent failed attempts with cheers unsettled, with emotions charged football that can make in close Games the difference. For the difference, individual errors, however, and to the front of the pack land, not allowed to repeat the conclusion of the phases as against France and Russia.

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