MIRROR ONLINE: To the staging of large Darts-is one of the tournaments of the invasion, the Fans, the songs loud sing along. Mr. Marijanovic, you are the last to run more to “Looking for Freedom” by David Hasselhoff. They hope to gain more support for their world Cup Start?

Robert Marijanovic: no, it has proposed a well-Known a fun evening. David Hasselhoff knows everyone. In the case of the world Cup players will not be asked from the second row often, what song do you want to have. I’m curious, what are you playing with me.

imago/ Agency 54 degrees For the 38-year-old Robert “Robstar” Marijanovic it is the third world Cup participation. The current number 95 of the world engages on the 15. December against the Englishman, Richard North in the tournament.

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr. Clemens, your nickname “Gaga” “Radio Gaga” by Queen…

Gabriel Clemens: I hear it all the time. But that’s just not my music.

MIRROR ONLINE: Also because of the show elements, each Darts is not a Sport. What do you say to people who dismiss it as a pure Party event where the spectators get drunk uncontrollably drunk and up on stage, two types of arrows?

Clemens: In the end, you’re right – especially with regard to the audience. But I think it is perfectly in order. I was even sometimes spectators, and I celebrated. We, players, are now but very professional, working with coaches and sports psychologists. Apart from that, it is of course perfectly fine that people do there is Party.

Marijanovic: For the audience, it is a Party, but for the players. Who thinks the should be a couple of months with me and “Gaga” on-the-go and the many hours on Board spend. Then you realize that it is not always fun.

imago/ Agency 54 degrees, Gabriel “Gaga” Clemens plays his first year on the professional tour. The 35-year-old locksmith is currently number 66 in the world rankings. His first world Cup Match is contested on the 16. December against Aden Kirk from England.

MIRROR ONLINE: What’s special about the world Cup?

Marijanovic: The world Cup is the dream of every Darter. The viewers make up a large part of the appeal. Who has a Ticket, makes a lot of racket.

MIRROR ONLINE: What are your goals for London?

Marijanovic: I’m so far not on the first round. Now I want to stay as long as possible. The first few times have been fun, now I would like to have longer fun.

Clemens: I just want to play well, then I know that I can annoy. The most Important thing is that I get my game on the stage.

MIRROR ONLINE: In the world Cup 2015 has triggered Max Hopp a Darts Boom in Germany, because he in the 1. Round Mervyn King has defeated. This year, Hopp has won two tournaments. You, Mr. Clemens, to have reached in may, a final on the PDC Tour, and only just against Gary Anderson lost. Martin Schindler has played several semi-finals. What is for the Germans at the world Cup?

Marijanovic: It used to be said, it would still take years for a German to the top. But if you look at the results, everything is in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if Max Martin or “Gaga” in the quarter-finals. Also, a German in the semi-finals would be no big surprise.

MIRROR ONLINE: also, you Can be this Surprise?

Marijanovic: Rather not, but I’ll do my Best.

Clemens: Robbie should not take out of it. I trust him a lot.

MIRROR ONLINE: they were both a lot of traveling together this year. Why?

Clemens: the only one I found.

Marjanovic: So it was me. No, we have earned the beginning of the year, both the tour map and then directly decided to travel together to share hotel rooms. There are also costs to to come to. It has worked out great.

MIRROR ONLINE: both of them are not full-time professionals. How do you work and Darts.

Clemens: I’m a locksmith in the public service, work but since this year only three days a week. The Rest of the time I spend at airports, in Hotels and halls. After work I train for an hour and then spend time with my girlfriend. Without which I would not hold all the Stress.

Marijanovic: I work full time as a warehouse Manager. But my employer is flexible about my days off. I also have the opportunity to take unpaid leave. Lately, I’ve had it with the Training a little grinding. In order to motivate me, I have uploaded Videos of me on YouTube.

For Robert Marijanovic is Darts “not always fun”

MIRROR ONLINE: time for vacation?

Clemens: no.

Marijanovic: not This year.

MIRROR ONLINE: What do you do more with Darts or the day job?

Marijanovic: For me is Darts so far, a nice addition to your income. I wait but still, what the tax office says next year. And then the trip there would cost. 15,000 to 20,000 euros a season.

Clemens: , After taxes and other costs, I’ve earned Darts about as much as I earn in my profession full-time. I could live with this year, so of Darts.

MIRROR ONLINE: What would have to happen in order for you to give up your Job?

Marijanovic: is A super result at the world Cup maybe. If I knew the money will be enough for a couple of years. Or is it someone who believes in me, and me for two years funded. But it is difficult, “Gaga” and I come from the southern part of Germany. Since much is outside of the normal profession as a reverie.

Clemens: I am 35, standing in the middle of your professional life. The Elevator is not easy. This risk is not in my nature. If I was early 20’s, I would try just two, three years.

MIRROR ONLINE: you Have a Manager?

Clemens: I got my girlfriend, who does all the work for me. As a full-time professional, a Manager might make sense, if you then play Exhibitions.

Marijanovic: If you are a Manager, you are bound to, may have to do things you would not do without a Manager. Now when I say sometime, I’m not in the mood anymore, I can just stop.

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