What comes to mind when I say “Africa”? A picture of a Baobab tree and giraffes in front of a sun? Or of malnourished children with flies in their eyes, those white Doctors zulöffeln a sticky porridge?

The Kenyan Journalist of Modern Iran has should letter written in 2012, is an ironic guide on “How to you about Africa”:

“Select the book cover or the contents of never-pictures of modern Africans, unless he or she has won the Nobel prize. A Kalashnikov, protruding Ribs, naked Breasts: Take them as something. If you absolutely need the Africans in the picture, make sure you come in Maasai, Zulu or Dogon costume. As for the Text, Treat Africa as a single country…”

And so it goes. You have probably heard often a sentence of the talk, “an African word says,” begins. But what is that supposed to be an African proverb? Do you know of a European proverb? Most people think of “Africa? This is the country from which the refugees come, and would be lost without us.”

Our perception of Africa is still simple-minded and of colonial-racist clichés. It is a continent with 54 different countries and over a billion citizens – no matter. That Europeans have in almost every misery their fingers in the game, politically, economically, militarily – is unknown. Many in Europe today still have a colonialist view of Africa and Black people will be ignored.

We see ourselves in a rather self-indulgent, and as a “helper”. But the EU is sending is not just development assistance, it has invaded African countries with subsidized products, such as Italian tomato paste, Danish milk powder and the German frozen chicken. The continent is an important market for the European economy. Thus, African producers will be unemployed? It’s part of a globalised world. But Woe, hopeless Africans want to be so to us.

France colonized Africa

a few days Ago, the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, Luigi Di Maio said, in front of the press: “If today there are people in Africa leave, because some of the European countries, France in front, have never ceased to popularize the African colonial”. The stone-throwing Minister for economic development and labour, the populist Five-star-sitting movement, although morally in a glass house: He’s messing in the government with the right-wing populist Lega Nord and criticized the French President Emmanuel Macron is only because soon the Europe elections. But his criticism, which was reported mainly as a diplomatic banter, is entitled. And a few more thoughts on value.

France rejected the accusation – of course – outraged. Can’t be! But, unfortunately, is so: in 1960, the French released the last African colonies to independence – or let us rather say: colonialism was officially declared over. For their freedom, the countries had to pay a high price. With questionable agreement has created the Grande Nation a rule of law, Africa, Empire and benefited from it until today. And you kept the monetary sovereignty, the colonial currency, the CFA Franc is valid in many States. The currency reserves at the Central Bank in Paris. A Deal is a Deal. Also, when it came to liberation from bondage.

For years, the French are reluctant to stop its imperialist policy on Africa. Macrons predecessor, François Hollande, described the glorious French: “France has intervened in Africa, in order to pursue their own interests. Also not to change the policy rules or individual governments. France and Africa, because we believe that it has great potential.”

Because something is wrong in my view. Of course, France has intervened in Africa, in order to pursue their own interests. And to take political influence and governments to share, as it fits just right. In fact, France is weakening Africa, because it believes, of its great potential benefit.

But we come to us: What do you know about Germany as a colonial power? Probably as good as nothing, like most of us. We learn about it hardly anything in the school, and if so, then something like this: Germany had only a very short very few colonies. The British were much worse.

With knowledge of the facts – more than 30 years of violent domination and exploitation in a number of countries – could also come to a different conclusion. The former German colonies are now known as: Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda, Cameroon, Togo, Namibia, Papua new Guinea (in part), a part of the Samoan Islands and a spot of China, parts of Micronesia, Marshall Islands. The filmmaker Nadja Ofuatey-It shows in your documentation number, what are the consequences of German colonialism until today. The subjugated people do not have tracked changes, it was bloody. The German invaders knew no Mercy. But the genocide of the Germans against the Herero and Nama, or the estimates that a minimum of 180,000 dead of the Maji-Maji-war in the beginning of the 20th century. Century, it should go in this Text. It’s about the present.

racial theory – only since 20 years frowned upon?

Apparently, one taught in a Saxon school, the physiognomic features of “negriden”, “European iden” and “Mongoloid race circles”. The so-called racial doctrine is part of a Themenhefts from the former GDR publishing house “Volk und wissen”, the 1998 (!) was issued, and not actually in circulation should be. Actually. But in Saxony, teaching materials must be not tested by the state, as the school decides. And at least one, according to the Green members of Parliament Petra Zais probably even more, use the old Material. So old it is not.

The incident was last December known, this week, the Saxon Ministry of culture, spoke of a “regrettable isolated case”. At a school had not been used “unfortunately, a 20-year-old school book”, “in line with the new curriculum content”. Is this a joke? That is to say, 20 years ago it was still okay?

The term post-colonialism is concerned with the long-term consequences of colonialism, of which there are – Surprise! – still many. A glaring example of the Saxon school material. Less blatant, but just as annoying popular German holiday series such as the “dream ship”, with Florian silver iron soon a new captain. Make sure you know how often Black people and People of Color appearing as servants, native dancers, or “wild” beauty.

post-colonialism is The colonialism was formally abolished, the colonialist view of the world is still there.

to those Who are interested in February, the Black History Month starts.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.