a few days Ago, the Dresden refugee aid organization “Mission Lifeline” has gotten 475,000 euros in donations together. Thus, the helper want to buy a new ship and it to the rescue of Boat migrants off the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean sea. Your actual ship, the “Lifeline”, was seized three months ago in Malta.

AfD criticized the donation of the Catholic Church for rescuers

The use of “Lifeline” and other private rescue boats had not only been reprimanded by the new Italian Minister of the interior and head of the xenophobic party Northern League, Matteo Salvini, violently. Italy refused several ships, among other things, the Lifeline, the entry into its ports. In Germany, the AfD is mainly against the private sea rescue, but also a politician of the CSU had criticised the deployment of volunteers in the Mediterranean sea.

The AfD criticized in terms of the successful fundraiser that only the Paderborn Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker of Munich’s cardinal Reinhard Marx had ever said 50,000 euros for the German refugee helpers. Rescue ships tempted people to risk their lives in unseaworthy boats, their Church policy spokesman Volker coin. In addition, the rescue ships &quot would have developed;a taxi service for refugees to Europe".

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit A year AfD in the Bundestag: the Political axis”. to the right of the” shift

The island state of Malta had seized the “Lifeline” for about three months, because they had not registered properly in the ship register Finally, the &quot had tried;Lifeline" to driving under the Vatican flag. This is the Vatican, but refused. Claus-Peter Reisch, captain of the “Lifeline”, is available since July in Malta before the court.

And even if the organization can now buy a new ship and use, is you can’t control it, possibly with the old captain. Because in the 19th century. November, the trial against Reisch is to be continued in Malta.

German captain rejects accusations of Malta as a "baseless"

One of the reviewers had explained to the Maltese government in July, the crew of the “Lifeline” have not provided any proof of a registration at the Dutch Maritime authorities. The ship was stateless. Reisch had indicated, however, that the relevant documentation was for Pleasure craft is not required from the reviewers. However, the captain was authorized only to control in the Mediterranean within 30 nautical miles of the coast in cruise ships. The ship is registered in the Netherlands, a yacht club.

In the case of conviction up to 11.600 Euro fine or a year in prison Reisch. The captain had called the allegations a number of times as “baseless”.

The “Lifeline was blocked in June for almost a week on the sea, after they had rescued 230 migrants from Libya. Only after the agreement that the migrants among the EU-countries, Malta has allowed the ship to enter a port and then confiscated.

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