Markus Eisenbichler standing with wet eyes on the podium and was, apparently, believe that what to jump him at the opening of the 67. Four-hills-tournament in Oberstdorf, a few minutes earlier, hint was managed to: thin 0.4 points behind the winner Ryoyu Kobayashi. “Landing at the four hills tour, you have to create first,” he said. “I can do this, I would not have thought the day before as possible.”

The success of iron Bichler across feigned, however, a little about the German team, the result was otherwise below average.

the national coach Werner Schuster saw “in the sum more Positive than Negative”. And Yes, there were also the positive results. Eisenbichler celebrated with a second place in one of the tour Jump the biggest success of his career. In the crowd, the German ski jumpers were Cut off, with seven placements in the top 25 for a respectable. Behind iron Bichler it was, however, no other German Springer in the top Ten. “He has saved us today is the day a little bit,” said teammate Richard Freitag.

Markus Eisenbichler rejoices in his second place

Actually, this was Jump in Oberstdorf, the German team is not particularly good. At least compared with what you are able afford and what she has done already.

a Negative is the departure of the single was a standout, Olympic winner Andreas wellinger, missed the second half after a botched first jump – a good result in the tour is no longer possible. He had to leave the first “a day bag”, said Wellinger. “I had no energy in the jump. The back two steps.” For Pyeongchang, the winner of the successful year 2018 ends up with maximum disappointment. “It was clear that a few dreams will be shattered,” said Schuster. “And it is also the dream of Andreas wellinger’s burst.”

That also Severin Freund missed the second pass, came after his long injury break for the national coach, however, is less surprising. To all who “have been waiting for Severin friend’s resurrection,” he had “before the Tooth. It was clear to me.” Painful it was anyway. Especially for a friend. “It was clear that it will not be easy,” he said: “a day like today, I wouldn’t have wanted me anyway.”

Also Geiger and Leyhe not jump behind

The other German Springer caught it as bad as Wellinger and friend, really happy you could be with your Cut. Karl Geiger (position twelve) and Stephan Leyhe (13.) ended up below each of your placings in the overall world Cup, where you were before the Jump in Oberstdorf to the creation of four (violinist) and six (Leyhe). Richard Friday, which was last year in Oberstdorf, as it is now eisenbichler Second, missed the Top Ten and was ranked 16th. He, too, was not then initiated, to be satisfied (the”motion on the slope too early.”).

So had to save at the end of all things, the one with the German result, the the had previously trusted the least (also the MIRROR Eisenbichler not counted in its forecast prior to the tour to the top 15 jumpers). Geiger and Leyhe in force prior to the tour, as the two form the strongest German Springer, Wellinger, or Friday, you would have expected after a mixed start to the season with a strong Race at the Start of the tour is also quite. This strong Competition has now shown instead Eisenbichler. The Problem of the 27-Year-old was in the past, that he could not transfer his good performances in the Competition.

With his second place in Oberstdorf eisenbichler now moves the internal rank order in the German Team – at least for the Rest of the tour. He is the only German Springer that still has a realistic Chance on the first German tour victory since 2002 (Sven hannawald). The others seem to be already to far away.

A similar Situation also other Topnationen, where the best jumpers blew. Last year’s winner Kamil Stoch was after two average jumps, though still Eighth, but only third-best Pole (behind Piotr Zyla and Dawid Kubacki).

In the case of the Norwegians Topspringer Johann Andre Forfang (Oberstdorf Fifth in the overall world Cup) to place 25 has lost all the chances in the overall standings. Instead, the biggest Norwegian hope, Jumping in front of the 38, according to a fourth place Andreas Stjernen. the overall world Cup belonged to the standings to the bottom of the third. The Competition in Oberstdorf is not produced only from the German point of view some strange results.

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