Less teachers, slow students, German universities are not in a European comparison particularly well. This was the result of the centre for higher education development (CHE) in a current evaluation. Nevertheless, students in Germany are with the quality of the teaching to be more satisfied than elsewhere.

The analysis is based on data from the international University ranking “U-Multirank” from the past year. They come from about 1600 colleges and universities in more than 90 countries, including 73 German universities with more than 330 departments.

The professionals of the CHE noted that the ratio of students to teachers at German universities is worse than in Europe-wide cut. Just under a third of all German departments has an above-average student-teacher ratio. In the whole of Europe is at almost every second College in the Fall.

Just under a third of the specialist areas in Germany is below average. In Europe, it is only 16 percent. How many students are allowed to come for a good ratio of maximum to each of the teachers, was not discussed by the CHE-researchers in their study.

German students are more satisfied

In many locations, students need in Germany is also relatively long for their completion. The study shows that In 47% of the German departments of above-average, many students create their degree within the standard period of study. Europe-wide, only about 30 percent of the subject areas.

almost every second European University (46 per cent), the proportion of degrees in standard period of study, however, is above average. In Germany this applies to 26 per cent of the departments. How long German students for their completion of need, it is not apparent from the evaluation.

in Spite of everything, the German students are more satisfied with their study situation than students in other countries. More than half of the departments they rate their learning experience as well above average, the CHE. In Europe, only about a third of the departments of lands for this criterion in the top groups.

Also on the criteria “contact the teacher”, “organization of courses” and “course quality” is the verdict of the German students on the whole is better than the European comparison.


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