The scene of the game: had only Just thrown the Croats the Ball on to the crossbar and Fabian Wiede, in turn, at 18:15 increases, as Kai Häfner offered a Chance for 19:15. But Croatia’s goalkeeper, Marin Sego, the Four-goal lead prevented with a strong Parade. Instead of a final spurt with back wind, the big Shaking started after this lost opportunity.

result: Germany has qualified by a 22:21 (11:11) against Croatia in advance for the semi-finals on Friday in Hamburg. Click here for the match report.

Uwe Gensheimer (l) and Fabian Wiede

first half: Both Teams started with offensive defense series, with the strongest cannons of the opponent from your own gate remote and put pressure on the attacker. Was able to do this. Over the entire 30 minutes were consistently moves, lack of goods has led, many casts ended up in distress next to the box, or at the end, man. More than two-goal advantage gained, no Team, according to 1:3, 6:6 and 10:9 could compensate for Germany’s re-outstanding offensive player Re-15 seconds before the end of the 11:11.

second half: Began in similar hectic as the first round ended. Germany took the lead, after the 18:15 four Croatian goals were scored in spite of a brilliant Parade of Andreas Wolff against Zeljko Musa in a row. Surprisingly, national coach Christian Prokop switched to the goalkeeper, but after two unfortunate goals conceded, Silvio Heinevetter had to vacate his seat again. The recovery and Steffen Fäth offset for the 19:19 and 20:20, Hendrik Pekeler brought the DHB-selection after a fast break 21:20, before the, until then, sovereign arbitrator surprisingly offensive foul against the Croats. “A very good whistle,” said TV expert Markus Baur, the guest players were outraged and no longer wanted to calm down until the final whistle (and beyond). Uwe Gensheimer increased to 22:20, the opponent could only shorten.

No respite: “in the Back, we win the game,” said the coach of his players in one of the timeouts in the second half. “Yesterday they played” – a Mantra that runs through the whole world Cup. The game plan is so tight that the team goes with a day break, almost always as a favorite in close-circuit phases. The Croats had their game against Brazil the previous day in the bone, the Germans with just under 20,000 spectators in the back for more power reserves. The deeper the Bank – what should go wrong? Almost everything, as the last minutes showed.

> That the hall speaker zubrüllt already after three minutes, the audience with karnevalesk kehliger voice “All together!” and “Now let’s get the lead, Köln!”, because we have become accustomed in the course of this world Cup already, somehow. That ZDF-commentator Christoph Hamm of “We” is talking about when he says the German Team, however, is an irritating lack of Distance, you should not get used to.

mood damper: After eight and a half minutes ended the game and the world Cup for the German playmaker Martin Strobel. In fact a harmless tackle, he twisted unhappy the knee and had to leave the field on a Stretcher. As the playmaker goes down injured, it is allowed Procopius to accommodate another player in his squad.

Gense-Cam: , As against France, the German captain Uwe gensheimer forgave his first seven meters. Double double: How to against the French, he took even the second attempt and hit. Strong signals of Self-consciousness are just the opponents on the height of the eyes is of great importance. Gensheimer was already several times in this tournament able to send out, even if he was free-standing a lot.

Domagoj Duvnjak

Duvnjak-Cam: , The Brazilians had shown the day before how to take the superior Croats, as well as possible from the game. The Germans had looked at that very carefully and forced Domagoj Duvnjak to wild throws. Martin Strlek, Igor Karacic and Zlatko Horvat put the needle stitches, to which she visibly troubled Superstar. The size of the Kiel showed after the game, as he gets in spite of the debatable decision against his Team shortly before the conclusion of the fast, the curve, and except for “Ridiculous!” nothing Bad to say. Instead: congratulations to the German Team.

Outlook: The advantage for Germany is obvious. While you can leave the main round against Spain (Wednesday, 20.30) locker coast, you need to play all the potential opponents to win to reach the semi-finals on Friday in Hamburg.

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