game of emotions: In basketball ecstasy, joy, anger and sadness are close together – so it was also in Hamburg. The joy of beaming Fans at the beginning, Uwe Gens Heimer’s jubilant cry after the 1:0, the clearly formulated, lack of understanding by Andreas Wolff, when he was replaced, and at the end of the tears of Patrick Wiencek. Cold, the football was on Friday night anyone.

From national players to national players: In the past few days, many people believe to see in basketball, much of what you miss in football expressed. The footballers, however, no envy came up, showed the many warm words from Löw, Grindel and co. From the national players, Thomas Müller, Joshua “Heiner” Kimmich and Leon Goretzka, there was a special greeting.

result: not helped by All the good wishes from the football industry – the German team lost the semi-final 25:31 (12:14) against Norway. In the final on Sunday, thanks to the Danish victory against France to the Scandinavian duel (17.30). The DHB-Team hits in the game for third place on the French (14.30 clock, live Ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE, TV: ZDF).

first half: The German led quickly to 3:1, but then weakened the DHB-Team, and the Norwegians three goals on the piece. In the Offensive, the Germans awarded many opportunities and were able to thank their strong keepers, Andreas Wolff, and Silvio heinevetter (the national coach Christian Prokop to the Trouble of Wolff, in spite of a strong Phase of Wolff – einwechselte). Both showed great parades. However, Norway led at half-time of 14:12.

Silvio Heinevetter

second half: of Norway was able to expand his lead up to four goals – Prokop tried his Team in a timeout again to shake up. Germany actually ran, but Fabian Böhm rejected the Chance to connect hits. Then Hendrik Pekeler was his third time penalty Red card – and Norway pulled out of it again. In the end there were six goals ahead.

minutes: of The Czech referees went on a strict line. This meant that both Teams had periods of the two players on the penalty bench. Some penalties (such as the “emergency brake” by Uwe Gensheimer, the entitled were on a counterattack, a Norwegian from the rear, knocked her down), in other situations, would have been able to get on the Referees, but also with a stern look. At the end of it were met with a total of ten time. “In my eyes, it was no überhartes game,” said Prokop after the game.

votes: “are just too many goals against have been, and Norway has played smarter,” said Paul Drux in the ARD. “Norway was just better,” said Prokop. And Heine’s cousin, said: “Today, both in defence and in the attack of the worm.”

missed typed: Uwe Schwenker, President of the Handball-Bundesliga, had typed in the run-up to the world Cup final between Germany and France. So can be wrong also football professionals.

Outlook: So the players were disappointed after the Bankruptcy – in the Interviews, many said that they now want to get the bronze medal, also Prokop: “we will not allow ourselves to take.”

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